Menu Plan Week 87 – Using What We Have

I did have a menu plan last week but never got around to posting it … things were pretty hectic both at work and at home.

I started going back to the gym and still feel pretty excited about it after the first week … that says something, doesn’t it? Kind of cool in that it’s a regular gym with equipment, free weights, treadmills, etc. and THEN there are the 6 heavy bags AND a crossfit setup! Woohoo! I’ve not ventured into the crossfit stuff yet and most likely will NOT (it scares me, ok??) but the boxing stuff, yeah baby, I’m so all over that! šŸ˜‰ I was in the best shape when I was doing the boxing stuff a few years back and would really like to get back in to it again. The director at the gym is trying to find a qualified instructor for classes, so in the meantime, it will be me, my new gloves and my memory of some of the workouts!

So anyways … my dinner plans are a little different now and I am making more effort to prep more on Sunday for the week ahead … no one wants to come home all sweaty and tired and then cook a full meal, you know? Plus, this week, Hubby is out Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and coming home Friday … which makes my meal plan much nicer šŸ˜‰

I’m also hoping to get more focused on getting the freezers organized as TS Cristobal is once again reminding me that we need to be better prepared.

I am hoping to stay out of the store for anything other than veggies … you will see that I’m a little heavy on salad stuff this upcoming week … which is just fine by me … will need to prep some salad stuff this afternoon …

Sunday – Bruchetta Chicken … I’ve got tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese to use up. Chicken in the freezer … will most likely steam a bag of broccoli in the rice cooker too. Feeding 6. (this is a new recipe and will share if worthy!)

Monday – Buffalo Chicken Salad – chicken in freezer and salad stuff in fridge and pantry. Not sure if I have all the ingredients on hand to make the blue cheese dressing, otherwise I will use bottle blue cheese dressing, unfortunately! Feeding 3.

Tuesday – Simple Shrimp Dish … shrimp in freezer, I have red peppers in fridge, a few jalapenos so I will need to modify the recipe to use what we have on hand. Feeding 2.

Wednesday – Evil Jungle Steak Salad. Honestly, the only thing I have for this is the steak (freezer) and the salad stuff … will stop at Whole Foods and pick up a mango and avocado. Probably some cilantro too. I’ll skip the pasta. Feeding 3 to 4 (if the girlfriend is around).

Thursday – Thai Style Shrimp Salad … shrimp in freezer, salad stuff in the fridge (I might need to pick up coleslaw when I get the mango and avocado). Feeding 2.

Friday – Buffalo Chicken Flatbread … this is something that Princess made for her fantasy football league party. Hubby fell in love with it and I decided to make it myself, only from scratch instead of processed ingredients. Recipe will be posted soon! Feeding 6 to 8.

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … will push him towards to pork tenderloin and make Pork Tenderloin – Ranch Style. I have the pork in freezer and would need to buy more peppers probably, but the rest of the stuff is in the fridge/pantry. Feeding 6 to 8.

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to linking up with Menu Plan Monday over at Organized Junkie! Go check it out!

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