Frugal Activities #27

I really like doing this post weekly as it makes me think twice about somethings and stay more accountable …

It was a weird week. Hubby traveled Tuesday to Friday … I took off Wednesday (!) as my dad had a VA appointment at 1pm which meant I needed to feed him as there is no way he can eat in the small time frame available to him … then he came down with a bad cold where I had to cancel THAT appointment and get an appointment at 5pm to see his primary care doctor instead. Then I got the phone call from dad’s girlfriend’s son about the cable bill being $100 more due to the on-demand movies they ordered. They both refused to admit it and I refuse to make a big deal about it due to the lack of comfort in knowing what the heck was on the bill!

THEN … I get a call on Friday at lunch time that my father is having “thoughts” and that they have to be taken seriously. Oh My Word. Can I just tell you how clueless I really am about stuff? My first reaction was that my father was humiliated due to the cable situation. Then I think, oh, it’s the steroid meds they put him on to loosen up his chest … no, no, no, we have to have him evaluated. 😦 So thats where my dad is for the next 72 hours … at a psych ward over the 3 day weekend. I know he’s ok, and really, my horribly bad joke (because I’m good at that stuff, you know?) was, “what are you going to do, throw yourself in front of someones wheelchair??” … yeah, I know, bad Jan.


Here’s some of the Frugal Activities for the week:

1.  All breakfast and lunch meals were made at home. Score. Dinner, not so much, see below.

2.  Walked out of Whole Foods for $30, $12 of which was the lunch meat, the rest was some basic veggies.

3.  Returned the jeans (that will most likely not fit me this year), 2 jars Almond Butter (recall) and the coconut oil that was all liquid (it’s ok, but I like mine to stay firm, this stuff never did harden up) to Costco and received $57 money card (at my request) to apply towards that trip.

4.  Walked away from a few things at Costco as the price didn’t seem right. Still spent $3xx.xx. Frugal or not? Sort of in that I stocked up on stuff that we needed … and a few things we probably didn’t.

5.  Got by with only adding $40 to the gas tank of the hemi. This car does do better than the Tahoe but not as well as zippy car.

6.  Took Princess up on her offer to take me out to dinner. She covered for 6 of us, spent $66 and I tossed in $14 for the tip. Nice of her, don’t you think?

7.  I did Menu Plan this past week but really didn’t follow any of it! One night was nachos, 2 nights out, Hubby made chops on Friday …

And then of course, full disclosure, some of our NOT so Frugal Activities this week:

1.  Out to dinner with the Boy and his GF to Chipotle. Um, I’ve got some recipes set aside to replicate as I LOVE THAT PLACE. My first time there, $33 for the 3 of us (!!) but yummm … and I had leftovers for lunch the next day.

2.  Costco. I did ok with my list but did pick up a few things spontaneously … still have NOT put everything away where it belongs so that will be Saturday mornings chore (now!)

3.  Vending machine at hospital for my dad. Paid $2.25 for a bottle of Tazo Tea and $1 for a bag of Lays chips. O M G

4.  Hubby has been trying to get to this butcher shop for weeks and finally made it there on Friday … I’m not sure how much he paid but it was more than I think he should of. I kept asking him “grassfed?” “locally raised?” “organic?” and so on which he could NOT tell me anything about as he said he was overwhelmed since there were so many people there (holiday weekend!) … I need to see if they have a website and then take him to the butcher counter at Whole Foods and see if it’s compatiable. He swore he’d never go in Whole Foods but he’s starting to like what I’ve been bringing home 😉

Not a very bad week, all in all, just a lot of stuff happened…

Looking forward to sharing over at The Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker … go check them both out!

2 thoughts on “Frugal Activities #27

  1. I try so hard to stay away from Costco. I think they put something in air that makes me go crazy filling the cart. Do I really need a gallon of mustard? Probably not. LOL. Can't beat some of their prices though.


  2. Yup, it's easy to get caught up in all the excitement and before you know it, your cart is overflowing and weighs about 300 pounds! 🙂 I prefer to go by myself as I know what my weak spots are so I avoid those areas 😉 and YES, you may need that gallon of mustard!


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