Frugal Activities #28

I really like doing this post weekly as it keeps me accountable and makes me think twice about some things!

It was a very busy week both at home and at the office. My dad was finally released yesterday (Friday) … they kept him a whole week! I had talked to his doctor on Tuesday and we both agreed that he wasn’t really considering suicide, that he was just frustrated and “so over everything” … we can all relate to that feeling, I’m sure … but regardless, they had to get elder care clearance, psyche clearance and medication clearance before they could release him. Uggg. When I showed up on Friday to take him home, I had to be escorted up by security and I had to stand out in the hallway (with the security guard) while they got my dad dressed (they made me take everything home) and got his papers together. Exciting stuff, let me tell you!

Any way. Here’s some of the Frugal Activities we did this past week:

1.  Sold the Tahoe! Listed it on Monday and received about 10 inquiries. First person that showed up offered us $6500 (we were asking $7100) and Hubby said no. They left and called back the next morning and offered $6900 in cash. SOLD!  I got very sentimental at the last minute with tears in my eyes … but got to meet the new driver and she’s just like me, only 10 years younger. The truck is going to New York, told her to send me a picture the first time the truck gets in snow. That $6900 is going straight to the mortgage principal. Woohoo!

2.  Stayed out of the grocery stores all week with the exception of the stop at Whole Foods on Sunday for ribs. Spent $80 or so (can’t remember, it seems so long ago).

3.  All breakfast and lunches were at home. Same for dinner, except the one night Hubby took all of us out to the Japanese place.

4.  Made more foaming dish soap. The kids use this alot to clean their one plate or cup that they dirty.

5.  Paid all my bills that are due for the month.

6.  Cancelled insurance on the Tahoe. This will give me a $400 credit back to the AMX bill which is great as that means I won’t be paying the full $1300 when the bill comes in 😉 Was hoping it would work that way!

7.  Did my nails. Not a good manicure but sufficient for me.

And of course, full disclosure of our NOT so Frugal Activities:

1.  Liquor store on Friday night. 4 bottles of wine, $95 later. To make matters even worst,  I drank a full bottle on Friday night and I am paying the price today. Ugg.

2.  As you may know, I use WEN for my hair and had quite a stockpile.  However, lately, I feel like I am not getting as much time in between shampoos as I used to so I opted to start using regular shampoo and conditioner for a month to see if that works better. Stopped at ULTA and picked up 2 large bottles of Kenra shampoo and conditioner, and 2 small bottles of styling product. Not cheap by any means, but I take pride in my hair 😉 and really want it to stay, long, thick and healthy. Total with coupon and my store credit was still $100 … the shampoo should last at least 2 months.

3.  Got the electric bill for last month. $457. I told Hubby I’m hoping it’s only because we had the a/c issue for a week or so … But that’s about $80 more than I was expecting.

4.  Had to get gas in the charger … $50. I notice that when I’m rushing around and accelerating faster, I go through a lot more gas (um, the hemi is super charged with aftermarket stuff thanks to Hubby’s gearhead ideas) and with rushing to get my dad picked up and then back to work, I used a lot of gas, to the point where the ding went off and the light came on. Yikes! I never run that low!

Not a bad week, but certainly not one of my best!

Looking forward to sharing over at The Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker! Go check them both out … it’s good to read what others are doing to save money and live more frugal!

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