Week 89 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Ahhh … here we are, Menu Plan time!

I will be honest, I menu plan every week but have never, ever stuck with it 100% … life interrupts, you know? But I still continue to plan because I at least have some idea of WHAT I have on hand to make for the week and generally avoid that 5pm thought “what can we have for dinner tonight?”.  I also started figuring how many will be in for dinner also, as that helps for planning adequete amounts of food to prepare. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a family of 10 or something, but we do have people outside the immediate family of 4 that come and do expect to be fed too 😉

This week I am shooting for the gym 3 days … Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Um, I’m doing some small group training. Personal Trainer with 2 other people. I’m a little scared as I’ve seen some of these classes. Hopefully I won’t be the old, weak lady of the bunch 😉 So those 3 days, I honestly doubt that I will even eat when I get home … I’m not much to eat after a kick butt workout, and it will be 8pm, 8:30 before I get home on Tuesday and Thursday, 7, 7:30 on Monday … so watch what I propose those 3 nights 😉  Hubby is also joining the gym now, not sure if he’s going in with me on the small class training … it’s $99 a month for 10 classes. Yes, a little expensive but I need the motivation, training and prompting to get this done …

Grocery shopping the past week was only the one stop at Whole Foods on Sunday … today (Sunday) Hubby and I will swing by Aldi’s and Publix for a few items (cilantro, milk, eggs, avocados, green chilis, potatoes) while we are out looking at a new living room set. We are ready to trade out the custom leather sectional and oversized recliner for something new. I think I will put the old stuff on craigslist as it’s in good condition still, we are just over it. Hubby said maybe put it in Princess storage unit in case her and bf want it or the Boy for when they move out … I don’t know, we will see.

Here’s what we are looking to use up this week:

Sunday – Ribs … Hubby cooked them in the crockpot overnight Saturday and will finish them off in the oven in the evening. Will serve his homemade bbq sauce on the side and make a corn salsa (recipe to be posted soon) to go along side. Have all ingredients except the green chilis so will pick them up on my stop this afternoon. Feeding 4

Monday – Gym night for me – will have stuff for everyone to make club sandwiches. Turkey, lettuce and precooked bacon in fridge. Bread (Udi’s gluten free whole grain and regular whole wheat) in pantry and tomatoes on the counter. Feeding 4 (if I eat)

Tuesday – Gym night for me and probably a late one at that – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … chicken (freezer) was marinated and cooked on Sunday, lettuce prepped on Sunday and bacon bits in fridge. Will chop the tomatoes in the morning and put in canning jar so everyone can see them (notice that no one thinks to LOOK at a tupperware container?). Feeding 3 (if I eat)

Wednesday – going to be a busy day at the office but no gym plans for tonight. Looking to do Black Bean Quesidillas … been awhile since I’ve made them … all ingredients are in fridge and pantry. Will substitute the laughing cow cheese for regular provolone slices that I have in the fridge.

Thursday – late gym night for me – going to suggest to the 4 people that they make pasta (pantry) and use the meat sauce in the freezer. If they want garlic bread, they can make it using either the hot dog, burger buns in the freezer, or grab a few ciabatti rolls and make with those from the freezer too.  I might just go ahead and prep everything either Wednesday night or Thursday morning (cook the pasta, but I think I have some in the freezer maybe??). Feeding 5 (IF I eat)

Friday – at last … it’s Friday! I would LOVE if Hubby would cook a pork tenderloin for me on the charcoal grill … it’s been a while since we’ve had one and I have TWO in the freezer! If he agrees, I will also make up a batch of the black bean and corn salsa (all ingredients in pantry/fridge) to serve along side. After last Friday’s episode (sold the Tahoe and I consumed 1 1/2 bottles of wine) I’d like to keep it a simple celebration 😉

Saturday – I don’t know … will leave that up to Hubby but STILL have several big hunks of beef in the freezer to cook … might pull out the one and make a pot roast in the crockpot and let Hubby make some yummy mashed taters on the side? Would need to buy the potatoes but that’s not a big deal.

What are YOU cooking this week? Stuck in a rut? Go check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … great ideas from 100’s of other bloggers!

1 thought on “Week 89 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Nice work selling the Tahoe!My cooking this week is… limited? It's crazy busy at work, so who knows what my spouse is going to come up with.


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