Peach Buzz

Honestly, I don’t know WHAT to call this drink …

Peach Mojito? Wrong, it’s made with BOURBON. And well, I don’t have a particular fondness for Mojitos anyway …

BUT, it is still the same process … sort of 😉

So … as usual, it’s a Sunday morning, I’m up in the kitchen, cleaning, making coffee, back in bed with the Kindle, reading, beating Level 76 of Candy Crush browsing, Hubby’s still in bed, being lazy, watching, what else? FoodTV and it’s Bobby Flay’s BBQ Addiction … of course!

We don’t normally get drawn in to the last part of the show where he makes his cocktail … but today? We did!  And this is what we made!

I had everything on hand, except the mint (my plant got crispified) and peaches (because none of us our peach fans) … so I thought HEY … lets make these for pool time later! A quick trip to the store and $10 later, I had more than enough to make these drinks (I bought 6 peaches, SO not necessary!)

Such great ideas come out of the blue!

I know peach season is coming to an end but as the ones I bought were taking a bath with the bourbon, I had a thought that maybe, just maybe, frozen, DEFROSTED peaches might be better for this in the end … gonna have to give that a try because I promise, we will be making these again!

Here’s what you need:

2 peaches
2 tbs sugar (the real deal)
handful of fresh mint plus more for garnish
2 cups bourbon (we used Gentleman Jack as Hubby’s not a fan of the Knob Creek I like)
crushed ice (key word here is crushed)
Dry ginger ale

Before we go any further, let me make it clear: peaches are icky to ME and ginger ale makes me want to gag (brings back bad, bad, bad childhood memories!) and I still LOVED this drink!

Ok … are you ready to give this a shot? Let’s go!

Cut your peaches up into rough chunks.  Toss in a tall pitcher. I used this plastic thing that I dumpster dived eons ago, so it’s at least 25 years old …

Add your mint leaves and sugar.

Take a wooden spoon and start mashing the stuff to release the mint oils and the peach juice. Really, the whole idea is to “bruise everything” but really, just mash. Hubby wanted to toss in the Vita Mix but I said NO because you will not be drinking THIS stuff, so to speak.

Add the 2 cups bourbon. Give it a stir. Go ahead and sniff. Whew. Smells like straight up bourbon, huh? It’s ok. Just walk away and leave it alone for 15 minutes or so. Crush your ice if your fridge doesn’t do that for  you. Just leave the mixture alone. After I was done, I thought, darn, I should have let it hang out in the fridge!

After 20 minutes go by (I got distracted!), add crushed ice to a tall glass. Put a straw in NOW. Strain the mixture over the ice to 3/4 full. Top off with ginger ale.

Give a little stir and garnish with mint.




Yummm…so very refreshing!!

These ARE strong! The crushed ice is key as it dilutes the drink a little, gradually so make sure you use crushed ice and not whole cubes 😉

Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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2 thoughts on “Peach Buzz

  1. Wow this looks refreshing! And it sucks not having cable television anymore because I used to watch the Food Network all the time. I will try this drink.


  2. I guess you can call these drinks just plain: good. Pinned. Thanks for bringing this to Weekend Bites.


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