Frugal Activities #33

1.  Our new living room set arrived this morning. I listed the old leather sectional and recliner on Craigslist on Tuesday morning, 3 days later than I had planned … asking $500.00. It’s in pretty good shape with no tears, etc. It’s just really bulky.  I haven’t had that wedge piece in for years and we just had a super long couch which was great. Now that we put the wedge in for the pictures, the kids are digging it again BUT it sticks out like a sore thumb. See the Boy there? After about 5 text messages from “people” who wanted to pay me on paypal, send a wire, or send a cashiers check (all of these are scam alerts), my receptionist said that her boyfriend might be interested. SOLD for $400 (which I’m fine with) … waiting for him to come by this afternoon to see if it’s the ‘right size’ as it’s bulky.

Sitting in the garage waiting for the right buyer!

2.  Really tried to stay out of the stores this week. Succeeded. I’ve not been in a grocery store since my Friday Costco trip! And guess what, I don’t think I need to go yet, still!

3.  Had to take my dad to the Gastrologist on Wednesday morning. Stopped and had the car cleaned as apparently, someones BLUE car hit the outside mirror and left a little paint residue. Hubby will absolutely freak out if he sees it. Why is it that I have NO luck with the damn Hemi?? Anyway, Packed the little blue igloo cooler with snacks (for dad) and lunch for myself that Wednesday … so wanted to avoid the drive thru which I did! Score!

5.  I did my own manicure. Was really wanting to get my nails done. Don’t know WHY I pay for that. Pedicure, yes, manicure, not so much. Easy peasy and 6 days later the polish isn’t even chipped.

6.  Drove Hubby’s not so zippy car (beamer) for 2 days … scared the snot out of me as the reverse is not the same as most cars, nor is the park feature. And this smart little car just turns off while your foot is on the brake. Don’t understand how this can be very good for the engine but they say it saves on fuel, etc. Whatever. Drove it for 2 days and saved myself some gas from not driving the gas guzzlin Hemi.

7. Entertained 12 girlfriends AND the kids and their friends using what we had on hand. Well, except for the veggie platter I had picked up on that Friday before. See the meatballs and the chicken wing recipes I posted earlier this week. We did great until we decided to walk to listen to some live music.

And of course, full disclosure of our NOT so Frugal Activities …

1.  That Saturday night with the girls … I spent about $70 on drinks and tips for the band.  Oh. And the hijacking of the jukebox at Boardroom (sorry about that!). Granted,  I was paying for the birthday girl and myself and even told one of the owners that I had a problem with paying $6 for a Corona … and he pointed out, great band, free music and no cover charge. Fine. Whatever. Luckily all the food I made was with what I had on hand … thankfully!

2.  Food waste again. I just could NOT salvage the zucchini and had no real desire to try to. Uggg. AND … I had 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef in the back of the guest fridge that was forgotten about. Seriously, how on earth did THAT happen??

3.  Stopped at the mall to pick up a few pairs of slacks that would FIT my fluffy midsection. As I’m standing in the dressing room in my underclothes, I looked at the 3 way mirror and about ran screaming, half naked. Whoa. That was a pretty ugly sight! Ended up buying ONE pair of slacks in a size TEN (!) and made a pact with myself right then and there to get serious about my diet and exercise routine. Not So Frugal in the sense that the slacks were $59 with a 20% off … and I hope to only be able to wear them for a few months (where they will hopefully fall off my skinny butt at that time!)

4. Sunday night. And again Wednesday night. Out to eat with kids. Well, Sunday night was Internet ordering of Chipotle. Yes, I had planned on making something similar but was still slightly off by dinner time … the Boy pointed out we could all go online, order and he would pick up. $30 for 4 of us … with leftovers for me for lunch and dinner the next day … it was good. Wednesday night, not so much. 5 of us to my favorite bar and grill, $75. Made the kids pay the tip.

5.  Paid $20 for a car wash by hand. Was hoping they’d be able to resolve the blue paint on the mirror. Will just have to show Hubby and hope he moves on quickly without scolding me too badly for not parking way far away from all others.

6.  Picked up Hubby at airport on Friday night at 5:30. Came home, unpacked, had an adult beverage and then went to the Pelican Beach Resort … they have a cool looking bar (the ceiling is painted like the sky and has pelicans flying over). So we ordered drinks, calamari and shared a cuban sandwich. Skip the calamari. And I just don’t remember it being quite like that. Eh. $13 for a knob creek & apple juice. Bummed me out because I have that knob creek and apple cider on the bar for a heck of a lot cheaper. $80 spent … but it was good for us to go unwind, I suppose?

What have you been doing Frugal this past week? Go check out the Money Propeller and Prudent Homemaker to see others and to share your own tips!

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1 thought on “Frugal Activities #33

  1. Glad you sold your couch….someone got a great deal! You had a good week it sounds like.


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