Menu Plan Monday #96 – Using What We Have

Halloween is coming!!!

That is my favorite holiday … sadly, we’ve not celebrated it with a big house party in quite a few years, instead, opting to be the gathering spot for everyone to hook up and walk north to our favorite party … used to be Shooters, but they renovated and went all upscale-like, so Paul and Young Ron are taking the party one block north to Bokampers … so excited to see how this goes this year! So, needless to say, Friday night will be snack night … but knowing Hubby, he will probably put some big @ss snacks on the plan … just the way he is 😉

I’ve got a fairly steady schedule this week in the office … not to mention a half day with my dad on Tuesday for doctor, blood work and eye glasses.  I’d like to take the whole day off but think I should hold off and see if I can’t skip out early on Friday (which IS the last day of the month so I could be busy at the office, we will see) …

Costco shop on Saturday afternoon (for our anniversary dinner that we both completely forgot about!!) so hoping to avoid the stores for the rest of the week!  Watch for the post of what I got and how much I spent this time around (hint: it’s not frugal!)

Sunday morning, I got up bright and early (um, 9am??) and immediately cut 3 seedless cucumbers and a bunch of celery and put them in their own glass bowls (the lovely glass snapware, my new favorite kitchen item! Thank you Costco!). There. We got some veggies out of the way! I also did the yummy apple treat and put that in a nice glass bowl too. I just love the smaller honey crisp apples!

Then I pulled up the Chili recipe and got that cooking. I am bound and determined to be healthy this week, leading up to Friday. Hopefully by then, I will be full steam in to taking a little better care of myself and be a good girl 😉 Uh huh, sure, right?

Here’s what we are planning on:

Sunday – 3 Way Chili … chili is being made Sunday afternoon with ground beef from the freezer and balance of ingredients in pantry. Pasta in the pantry and cheese and onions in the fridge.  I will also offer some hot dogs if anyone wants to go the coney dog route to boot. Have hot dogs and buns in the freezer too. Feeding 6

Monday – Hubby out of town, I’m at the gym. Will have a bowl of chili and maybe a small salad to go along with it. Chili from Sunday, salad stuff in the fridge. Feeding 3

Tuesday – Hubby back home! Looking to set up the crockpot in the morning for some Damn Fine Chicken with boneless skinless thighs this time. Chicken thighs in freezer, balance of ingredients in the pantry and fridge. Will offer rice for those who want with steamed broccoli and cauliflower (freezer) on the side. Hopefully the b/s thighs will be just as good, although, NO skin to crispify at the end so we will see. Feeding 4

Wednesday – I’m at the gym, Hubby should be shopping before his $154 Mens Warehouse bucks expire … looking at soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. I really need to get my soup stuff going! Bread in pantry, cheese in fridge, soup ingredients are in pantry/fridge. IF I have time, I’d like to try a new, from scratch, tomato soup but we will have to wait and see. Feeding 6

Thursday – I’m at the gym, hopefully Hubby will join me too … making this a simple night yet again, Steak Salad. Steaks (beef strips) from the freezer, salad stuff in fridge. Hopefully the avocados will live that long and I will have to skip out on the mangos (UNLESS the frozen ones defrost ok. IF I have leftover pasta, will toss some noodles in the Princess, BF and Hubby’s salad … feeding 6

Friday – Boo … Halloween! Snacks and appetizers. I will put together a cheese and cracker tray (using the cheese I picked up from Publix a few weeks ago during a wine and cheese sampler they had going on … crackers in pantry. Also, do Hubby’s Ranch Dip with Pretzel Rods …and maybe some wings (if I remember to set them up on Thursday night!) … and maybe some snausages? I’ve also got the italian bread and will offer that with the bread dipping oil (ahhhh…everyone will love/hate me that night but at least the garlic will keep the vampires away!)

Saturday – Hubby is insisting that we go boating this day (I think he’s saying that NOW so that we won’t over do it Friday night) … so it’s really up to him what he would like to make 😉

What ARE you planning to make this week??

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday Party and The Menu Party … go check them out!

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