Stay Focused – To Do List

Stay Focused. That is Hubby’s most famous line … and everyone laughs when he says it to me as generally, it’s because I’ve gotten off task, be it cooking for a group of friends or shopping for food. I DO have a tendancy to ‘wander off’ track!  But it’s just funny because he always says “Stay Focused” …

So, I thought, what the heck, let’s Stay Focused and put together our To Do List … yup, I am a list lover, we all know that and nothing is more satisfying than checking off that stuff!!

Here’s what I have on task for the week ahead:

Clear out cabinet underneath stove. Umm, this has really become a mess. I need to declutter and minimize, obviously.
Drop off Goodwill bag and get receipt.
Clean bottom 2 drawers of guest kitchen.
Clean, organized and inventory guest freezer.
Clean master bedroom walk in closet. Yes.
Call Tmobile and rework bill.
Budget for November. We have property taxes due, trip to Chicago and NW Indiana and Thanksgiving. Big month ahead.
Gas up the Hemi out west on Tuesday after the VA visit … try to use WD Gas Reward card for discount.
Food Related:
Get menu together for Friday night.
Start food list for Thanksgiving and NW Indiana trip.
Get out Halloween costume stuff and determine plan for Friday.
Hit gym TWO times, minimum.
Walk one night or morning (weather is getting so nice right now!)
Make hair appointment for 2nd week in November.

Of course, there are all the usual things that need to be done, laundry, ironing, menu planning, cooking, keeping the house picked up, etc., but these are things that I’d like to stay focused on and get done.

What’s on your To Do List this week??

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