Menu Plan Monday – Week #98

Ninety Eight Weeks??? Wow!!

You know, it’s funny. If I don’t plan the menu, I feel lost. It’s not like I print it out and stick it on the fridge or anything, but by simply typing it out each week, I have a little guidance and know WHAT I have on hand to prepare for the week, regardless of whether or not we actually follow the plan to a T. Quite honestly, that rarely happens, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times it actually DID happen. But having a plan helps out tremendously!

I started adding the number of people that would be eating recently too. Only because we went from a 2 to sometimes 4, sometimes 6 to 8 family (with the boyfriends, girlfriends, friends that are borderline permanent fixtures in the house) during the week, not just the weekends. It was throwing me off, a little, as I always worry that we won’t have enough food (ha! like that will ever happen!) … so by adding the number of mouths to feed, that helps me decide if I need to move a day here or there. See, I know that the Boy always works on Monday and Tuesday nights. Which means the girlfriend won’t be here either. Boom, knock off 2 mouths to feed!

I do come back and reference the menu plan and generally on Sunday (when I type this), I will pull most of the meat out of the freezer for the week, put in the shoebox and stick in the garage fridge … just to be safe as nothing is worse than coming home and not having the meat defrosted!!

Hubby is out on Tuesday and Wednesday, gets back late on Thursday … I ‘think’ I’m off on Tuesday … if I am, will just putz around the house, maybe get the main kitchen freezer inventoried and one part of the pantry organized. I also need to hit the mall as I’m getting worried about our trip and the super cold weather they anticipate …

And with all that blah blah blah above, here’s what we are looking at this week:

SundayChicken Wings (freezer) and buffalo chicken pizza. Will use the rotisserie chicken from freezer, mozzarella cheese (fridge) and Grand muffins from fridge (Pinterest recipe that Princess made for the Fantasy Football night which we really enjoyed). Nice that everything is on hand! Feeding 4

Monday – I would like to hope for the gym tonight!  Deli Roll Ups for me (lunch meat picked up Saturday at Whole Foods on sale for $8.99 instead of $10.99) and wraps (pantry) for everyone else. Feeding 4 (and not the same 4 from last night!)

Tuesday – I THINK I’m off today (need to confirm with the Boss) and Hubby is out, the Boy is working so shrimp, avocados and mango time! Shrimp in freezer, will use the premade guac from fridge and need to buy a mango (I don’t know if I have any sliced stuff in the freezer left). Will need to also buy some coleslaw when I stop at Fresh Market to get the 2 lbs of ground beef I’ve been buying each Tuesday to stock up the freezer ($2.99 a pound).

Wednesday – Hubby out, everyone will probably be standing at the door when I come home, so I supposed I should say we will go out that night .. just down the road to the little pub that I like … need to be home by 8pm as Survivor comes on! Feeding 5 … Alternatively, I would still like to give a Chipotle knockoff a try so I guess it depends on what everyone else is feeling that night …

Thursday – Hubby home, but not til 9 or 9:30 … looking at Ranchy Chicken in the Crock Pot … will serve with steamed veggies (freezer). Chicken in the freezer (been stocking up this past week with Publix buy one get one free and my $5 off $30 coupon. I would also like to try and get to the gym tonight for a 7pm class but not sure I can do that late of a class … feeding 4 to 6 this evening

Friday – It’s Friday!! Hubby’s choice … will push him towards burgers on the grill … beef from freezer, buns in pantry (need to use them soon!) and all the toppings are in fridge. Feeding 8

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, again. And honestly, I’ve no clue what I would like at this point!! I will let him choose anything he wants from the freezer!

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out for more ideas!

1 thought on “Menu Plan Monday – Week #98

  1. Love reading other peoples menu plans as gives me ideas for our family. I do not make a plan as such, as whatever markdowns I find I base the dinner around that but good to have back-up ideas in my head. Also now it is getting warmer here we switch to salad with a bit or protein as too hot to cook in kitchen.Your dinners look delicious.


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