Menu Plan Week #100 – Using What We Have


Have you missed the weekly menu plan from me the past two weeks?  I’ve been busy and traveling and quite honestly, did NOT make a plan that was stuck with … I was more concerned with using what we had on hand before leaving town!

We spent a good chunk of time with family and it was so great to see everyone!  Of course, my last day out of town and my dad fell in the middle of the night, broke his wrist and while at the hospital they noticed that he has kidney issues and a heart valve issue. Both of which he has had for a while but for whatever reason, they wanted to do more testing on him. *Cardiologist has just informed him that there is nothing to be done at this time*. So that was my excitement!

Is everyone else in a state of denial that it’s DECEMBER? You’ve got to be kidding me!! We have this weekend and next to prep for our big party … feeling slightly stressed, you know? 🙂 On the other hand, I was excited to dig out my “Stay Calm and Get Your Ho Ho Ho On” picture out!

I need to run to the store for produce and dairy stuff … and some bread and cat food but hoping to keep the expense down … this past week was a little pricey food wise and I will need to hit up Costco the 2nd week for the upcoming party …

Here’s what we are planning for the upcoming week:

Sunday – Spaghetti and meat sauce. I wanted to make MY meat sauce, but got lazy so pulled out a Victoria Marinara sauce I had from Costco in the pantry. Pasta from pantry too (doh!). Will also cut up some chicken italian sausage (freezer) and toss the slices in the sauce.  Will pull a loaf of the sour dough french bread that is vacuum packed (Costco) from the pantry to make alongside. IF I’m still feeling somewhat ambitious, will also make a small salad, even though we ALL know that I need to do this any way for the week ahead! I ‘think’ my romaine is still edible 😉 Feeding 6

Monday – Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (I think I will add bacon) – I want to avoid CANNED soup but can not make any promises 😉 IF I am up to it, a cheese and broccoli soup will be made (I have a somewhat simple recipe to try). Cheese in fridge (need to shred), broccoli in freezer and balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry. IF I still don’t get to the store today, I will just use another loaf of the vacuum packed bread for the grilled cheese sandwiches. Feeding 4

Tuesday – Chicken Cesar Pasta Salad – chicken from freezer, pasta in pantry, salad stuff will be picked up by this time! 😉 Feeding 4

Wednesday – Tacos (salads) … ground beef in freezer, toppings and shells in the fridge/pantry. I will most likely will make a side batch of Corn Salsa to go along too … Feeding 4

Thursday – Ranchy Chicken in the Crock Pot … looking to serve some green beans alongside … beans and chicken in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry Feeding 6

Friday – Hubby’s choice … this will really depend on where we are with putting the lights up outside as we have ONE week til our Christmas Party at the house …

Saturday – Hubby’s choice …same as last night … I have a feeling this will be a busy day today …

What are YOU making this week? Check out Menu Plan Monday for more ideas!

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