Menu Plan Monday Week 102 – Using What We Have

Well … I just noticed on Thursday that the post never posted! So, here it is!

The holiday season is in full force and effect around here!!  We had our Christmas Party on Saturday, and even though we put a time frame on the invitation this year, the last person left around 2:30am … making it a very very long day and night for this hostess.

We went through a lot of food and still have plenty leftover for some quick meals this week, thankfully!

I’m hoping to avoid the grocery stores this week … thinking only thing we will need is milk … fingers crossed that I can make that happen! *Thursday … so far so good!*

Here’s what we are looking to make this week:

Sunday – leftovers – lasagna, caprese salad and green salad. Feeding 6.

Monday – soup and sandwich … will make a Broccoli and Cheese soup using the leftover fresh broccoli (from veggie tray) and cheese (from cheese tray) … sandwiches will be using leftover rolls and leftover lunch meat (from meat tray). Balance of soup ingredients are in the pantry/fridge. Feeding 4 (maybe 5).

Tuesday – Taco Bowls (with ground turkey) … ground turkey in freezer, lettuce in fridge, balance of ingredients in pantry/fridge. I have the taco bowls that I picked up on clearance last week for $2 a box. Feeding 2 (yes!)

Wednesday – No one was home so I just reheated meatballs with some fresh basil and parsley sprinkled over the top while I watched Survivors final episode.

Thursday – Hubby’s office party (starts at 8:30pm!) and I am NOT going … which is fine by me, in the end 😉 … looking at snacky things like guac, salsa, chips, veggies, etc. They will have food trucks and caterers … and NO SPOUSES. Hrrrmp.

Friday – My office dinner party … Grille 66 … I’m looking forward to the steak and frites again! Oh, yes, spouses ARE allowed at mine!

Saturday – Hubby’s choice but I’m really looking for a laid back kind of  day … I so need it!  *As I didn’t make the soup on Monday, I will make it today and hopefully during daylight hours so I can get some good pics and share the recipe if worthy!

What are YOU making this week!?

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