Menu Plan Monday Week 105 – Using What We Have

Week TWO of the Pantry Challenge and it seems we are going strong … thankfully!  I think this time I might be a little more successful in that I didn’t set any “limits” on what I could and could NOT do … so I’m sort of just wingin’ it and it’s working!

So far, to date, I’ve spent $26 at Aldis and $240 at Costco. I’m debating on even putting the Costco run in as I used a gift card and there was only $40 or so out of my pocket and the majority of that was for my dad. But it was food brought in, regardless, so I’m torn. I did tell myself that the protein I bought needs to stay in the freezer til the end of the month but I ended up making one package of pork chops for our evening of entertaining on Saturday night (hey, it fed a few of us with leftovers still and the rest of the stuff was what we had on hand so it qualifies as Pantry Challenge worthy).

I will need to stop at the store at some point in the beginning of the week to pick up more green stuff and milk. Even during a pantry challenge, I need to have my salad stuff … just sayin ..

I made a few things in advance over the weekend as I wanted to be a little ahead of the game just in case I motivated enough to get to the gym this week … yeah, right, I’ll keep you posted on that issue!

So … here’s what we are planning for the week:

Sunday – Steak Bites … I’ve been wanting to make these and I think, finally, I’m here!  Will use the flat iron steak I pulled out for the Boy on Saturday night at his request (it was almost 3 lbs worth and he only wanted a small steak) … I will serve with a side of broccoli (freezer) (or zucchini after I check them out to see how they are holding up) along with potato soup (crockpot) … all soup ingredients in freezer/fridge/pantry … feeding 4 to 6 (still don’t know at noon on Sunday, come on kids!)

Monday – Asian Inspired Night … Honey Sirachi Chicken (pantry, fridge and freezer) … it’s a new recipe and I’m hoping it’s as good as it sounds! Will make the rice (pantry) for those who want it in the rice cooker and serve some broccoli (freezer) along side … feeding 4

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – I know I have a couple of packages of short ribs in the freezer, so if I can find them, I’d like to make the Short Rib Tacos … with a few modifications … and NO, I will not be making the tortillas as I don’t have any tapioca flour on hand.  Feeding 4 … IF I can’t locate the short ribs yet, I will make regular tacos since I’m sure I have ground beef hanging around and all the fixins are in fridge and pantry. Will also make a batch of Vitamix Salsa (without cilantro since I don’t have any on hand). Feeding 4

Wednesday – Chili … it doesn’t seem to go very far as to leftovers and additional meals! Oh wait, that’s because everyone eats it all up! Will serve with bread (and/or grilled cheese) on the side for those who want (freezer). Beef from freezer and additional ingredients from the pantry … feeding 6 (and one of them does NOT like chili even without the beans) … 
Thursday – Crock Full of Pork … will use pork tenderloin from the freezer to make this … NOT that I want to use the tenderloin for this but it’s what I have on hand so it is what it is. Plan on shredding some cabbage and carrots also and making a coleslaw of sorts from scratch. Will use a loaf of italian bread from freezer for those who want sandwiches … feeding 6 … and YES, this is pulled from last week … I might even have a bag of sweet potato fries in the freezer, if not, I’ll offer to make some from scratch … feeding 6

Friday – this really should be a leftover night as I KNOW that I will have tons of food leftover from the week, HOPEFULLY! Feeding 6

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … going to really depend on what’s left in the freezer/fridge! I’m not overly worried, we have plenty of stuff … if the Boy is not home, I might suggest blackened grouper sandwiches to start using some of the fish we have lots of in the freezer still 😉 Bread would be the never ending loaves of italian bread crammed in the freezers! Feeding 4 to 8 (depends on whether the kids decide to do date night with g/f b/f and whether or not we have friends over 😉

What are YOU looking to make this week??

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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