Menu Plan Week #107 – Using What We Have

Well. I’m not sure if I can still say I’m on a full-fledge Pantry Challenge still … I stopped at Whole Foods and the Fresh Market last week … and it was NOT all stuff that was to be consumed immediately. Um, yes, there is 2 pounds of flat iron steak stuffed in the freezer … and some more sugar free bacon … a can or two of coconut milk, and ::gasp:: two bottles of uppity water … yes, I really do pay $2.39 for a bottle of water. Oh. and then, how could I forget the trip to Aldis on my Monday off for $102.00? Ugh. #budgetbuster #budgetfail #notsofrugal …

Any way.

I’m still trying to stick with a pantry challenge to some extent this last week of the month … Hubby is out of town Tuesday to late Friday evening … and so long as I stay on track and DO NOT beg ask the kids to go out to eat with me OR decide to do a little midweek drinking … I should be ok. Afterall, it’s been a little while since Hubby has traveled so that means I can make the FUN stuff that I like to eat! Woohoo … out come the mangos and avocados!! SWEET! And yes, I have both! I think. I’m sure I do from my last trip to Aldis!

::Must stay focused::

Ok … here’s what we are looking to eat this week!

Sunday – it’s chilly here (um, sorry, low of 52 this morning, high of 70 this afternoon) so Hubby wants to do some grillin … burgers (3 pounds from freezer) and chicken thighs (bone in, 4 pounds from freezer) … will also serve fries (freezer) and some sauteed shrooms and peppers and onions (that I had cooked earlier in the day for easier meal prep for lunches through out the week) … the kaiser rolls in the pantry are getting a little hard but Hubby will juice them up with an oil and herb-y mixture and toast them on the grill. Serving 6

Monday – I’m thinking it’s leftovers as there looks to be a lot of food Sunday … feeding 4

Tuesday – fingers crossed the Boy isn’t home tonight 😉  Thai Style Shrimp Salad … shrimp in the freezer, will shred some red cabbage (fridge) along with green cabbage (fridge), carrots (fridge) … avocado and mango are also in the fridge … bag of radishes in the fridge too … I have this covered! But then again, I keep looking at the Island Shrimp recipe and think maybe I want that instead … but I do have cabbage I need to be eating so it doesn’t go bad … oh, the decisions!


Wednesday – Evil Jungle Steak Salad – will use the sliced beef from freezer (Costco) … salad stuff in the fridge and dressing ingredients from the pantry/fridge. I’m excited about this! 😉 Feeding 5

Thursday – I’m looking to take an easy way out this evening … so here’s to meatballs, baby … meatballs in the freezer (Costco) and jarred marinara sauce (pantry).  IF the kids want, they can make some pasta  (pantry) to go along and maybe, some garlic rolls (rolls in freezer, garlic in fridge) … I should have some salad stuff still leftover too. Then I’m also thinking of making some of these Sweet and Spicy Meatballs too … Feeding 5

Friday – Hubby home! Yeah!  Chopped Steaks with Mushroom Gravy (beef from freezer, balance of ingredients from pantry – will use canned shrooms) …

Saturday – Hubby’s Choice … I’m sure we will be entertaining so probably something along the lines of chicken breast on the grill (plenty of chicken breast after the Costco trip earlier this month) … feeding 8 to 10 most likely …

What are YOU making this week?  Linking up with Menu Plan Monday over at Organized Junkie … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week #107 – Using What We Have

  1. Everything looks great, beautiful presentations.


  2. oh man! Im getting hungry all over again! I love the idea of using up your pantry. I try to do that as often as I can. And its surprising just how much you can make even though it looks like you don't have much in there!


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