Menu Plan Week 109 – Using What We Have

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and getting ready for the Monday morning that will be here before you know it … I really tried to relax over the weekend and do a few things … I did some of the things I wanted to get done, a few other things that were NOT on the list and then the usual, everyday Sunday Funday things …

Most importantly? I sat on the dock, in the sun, in a bikini with sunscreen and a book I picked up from the library. Read 3/4 of it already … is it an easy read? Sort of. Interesting, more than anything. See, I have this book on my Kindle and just couldn’t get in to it … so I put a request in for the library to have it delivered to the beach location so I could pick it up on Saturday. Started reading it and had to put it down 😉 Things needed to be done, you know? Oh. The name of the book? It Starts With Food. I don’t know if I can do the Whole30 thing but I have been eating pretty close to the guidelines, with the exception of the vodka/tequila/beer that pops up unexpectedly … AND … ready for this? I’ve lost 9 pounds since the first of the year. Mind you, I have NOT really been exercising (except them walking lunges every time I walk down the loooooong hallway at home) … but I’ve reduced my alcohol consumption by a lot and have been really mindful of what I’ve been putting in my mouth.

Who would have thought that made a difference?  So, seeing the number on the scale this fine Sunday morning has really motivated me as you’ll see on the menu this week 😉 Sorry family, you are along for the ride!

I was pretty impressed with my lack of grocery shopping last week! 1 stop at Winn Dixie for milk and sleepy water oh and eggs … $21 spent. Then Whole Foods and spent $30 at LAST!  The biggest expenses were the ham (deli meat snob that I am) and the spaghetti squash (6 1/2 pounds) … but regardless, pretty damn happy with the spending last week! I avoided Costco, even though I said I needed to go … I still do need to stop and get a few things and might do that Monday as I have to take my dad to the VA late afternoon … or maybe on Thursday after our Miami VA appointment. Oh, yeah, I also have to work this week! I do need eggs (LOTS of eggs), half and half, salad stuff (lettuce) and so on … of course, I could (and did) buy these things elsewhere but I HATE spending 50% more than what I spend at Costco. Then again, I also know that Costco makes me spend more money on other items … I need to get back to a list only trip! But I really, really need more eggs … I want to make a recipe that uses LOTS of eggs this week!

Ok … here’s what we are planning for the week!

SundayRed Meat Sauce (pantry items and 2 lbs of ground beef from freezer) with Spaghetti Squash … I also made a box of fettuccine (pantry, for those who said no thanks [2] and some dinner rolls (freezer) … the meat sauce cooked all day long and smelled delicious while when I was sitting outside!  Feeding 6

This makes a lot and I will freeze half for a later date

MondayThai Style Shrimp Salad … shrimp in the freezer. Fingers crossed the cabbage is still good in the fridge, otherwise I will stop at the store on my way home and pick up a bag of coleslaw … avocado and mango also in the fridge … feeding 4

TuesdayChicken Inspired BLT Salad – chicken in freezer, salad stuff in fridge (may need to buy more?) and bacon and rest of ingredients in fridge and pantry. Feeding 4

Wednesday – Steak (freezer) Bites and green beans (fridge). Sounds a little odd but it is what it is 😉 Feeding 6 … will probably offer up a side of salad also

Thursday – Harvest Cobb Salad … pretty excited to give this a shot. It’s a new recipe from Pinterest and I have everything on hand…may need to buy more lettuce by this time though …

Friday – Thinking along the lines of flatbread pizzas (all ingredients in freezer, fridge) for all who are home … I will make a margharita frittata (eggs in fridge, will use basil from garden and tomatoes will be picked up if we eat all the grape ones I have currently) for myself. Feeding 6

Saturday – Happy Valentine’s Day! I honestly do not know what we are doing this evening … but it’s Hubby’s call … he most likely will want to pick up some nice ribeyes and double baked potatoes … sounds like we may be competing for kitchen time with the boy and his girlfriend and princess and her boyfriend … good grief. Feeding TWO as the rest of the clan needs to fend for themselves 😉

What are YOU making this week??  Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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