Menu Plan Monday Week 113 – Using What We Have

Hello! Welcome to the weekly menu plan setup!

I have a confession to make, right away. I have NOT been following the plan these past few weeks. Ahem. I’ve not been cooking much at all. I don’t know WHY but I’ve been in a bit of a funky mood …almost like PMS’ing like a b*tch but not quite … I don’t know what it is … so everyone has been pretty much fending for themselves with tuna sandwiches (I make a large batch of tuna salad on Sunday for Hubby’s tuna sandwich lunches during the week), the leftover pork I made on Sunday and Monday (this was AWESOME on a bed of baby greens with a balsamic vinegerette) AND … some nights, I personally SKIPPED the whole dinner think myself, flipped the kitchen the bird and just had an adult beverage or a beer. NOT very healthy whatsoever, I’m well aware.  Thankfully I eat a good breakfast and lunch daily 😉

So. With this weeks episode of True Confession out of the way, I’d like to say that I don’t like being that way. I LOVE TO COOK and it really should bring me joy and I don’t like when it doesn’t make me excited to turn on the light and fire up the stove.  I’m telling myself that THIS WEEK will be different. I seem to be over the funky mood and really, really want to get on track with making myself AND Hubby healthier, happier and more enjoyable! No one likes a closet Hangry person (you know who you are out there!)

So Saturday, I went to Aldis and Whole Foods to stock up on some yummy veggies and fruits since I know I have a ton of protein in the freezer. I also stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods and got Hubby some killer shoes as his back is really bothering him and I think it’s his crappy, cheapo, broken down sneakers he wears at home and all weekend. Of course, then I got sucked in to the ladies shoe section and got myself yet another pair myself. Holy Cow I have no restraint. Then I told myself, hey, YOU REALLY NEED TO HIT THE GYM, JAN … and guess what? I’ve decided to do something EVERY NIGHT when I get home from work for exercise since now, it will be light out for at least an hour when I get home from work ::insert happy dance:: OH … did you remember to move your clocks forward (if you are in the time change zone)?

Sunday, I had all these great plans to do some meal prep for the week ahead. Ahem. It started out fine and dandy, did some laundry, ironed all the dress shirts for Hubby, pulled out the chicken thighs, chicken breast, steak and the ground beef. Cleaned up the kitchen. Sat down to watch a movie … ended up watching THREE movies with Hubby. Oops. Meal prep set aside this week …

Here’s what we are looking to eat this week (fingers crossed)

Sunday – Crockpot Pot Roast It was 3pm before I realized that I wanted to do this … we ended up having leftover burgers from Saturday night (which were delicious!) Fed 5

Monday – Went for my 2 mile walk and fired up the grill. Blackened chicken (freezer) and roasted broccoli (fridge). Also tossed a package of chicken italian sausage (freezer) on the grill to spread out the three thin breast … Fed 3

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … ground beef from freezer and all the fixins are in the fridge and pantry.  I have some yummy butter lettuce that I will use for my shells Feeding 4 (girlfriend is stopping by to give me some tomatoes from her brother’s garden…score!!) *I want to stop at Fresh Market today and pick up some chicken to toss in the freezer. Need to not be LAZY and make sure I wrap each individually

Wednesday – Chicken Stirfry – chicken from freezer along with a lot of the veggies (I have a bag still of stirfry veggies taking up a LOT of room). Feeding 6

Thursday – Steak bites with sauteed green beans OR zucchini (steak from freezer, green beans and zucchini in fridge). Feeding 4

Need a better picture!

Friday – Damn Fine Chicken with grilled zucchini. Hoping the zucchini can last this long. Chicken thighs from the freezer. Feeding 6 to 8

Saturday – Hubby’s Choice … not sure what we have planned this far ahead, but will push him towards something HEALTHY! Feeding 6 to 8

What are YOU making this week? Check out all the menus on blogsphere over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party …

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