Menu Plan Week 115 – Using What We Have

Hi! Did you miss the plan last week? That’s because I didn’t really HAVE a plan as it was a busy week and figured, salads, tuna sandwiches and one night of chicken and roasted broccoli didn’t really warrant a post about menu planning and meal prep! So there you have it!

This week however, busy as it might be, yet again, will have a plan as I just feel lost without some idea of what to have any particular evening. You know, just because I say chicken and veggies on Monday does NOT mean chicken and veggies on Monday … that might be pushed to Wednesday or just in to the following week … especially if I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer!!

Which brings me to … for a little while, I was making it a point to pull all the protein out of the freezer on Sunday for the week ahead. Sadly, I’ve had a few items that ended up getting tossed as the following Sunday reveals that I didn’t use something I should have … like the 3 pounds of ground beef in the garage refrigerator at this moment … I hate food waste when it happens like that … so I’m back to only doing a few proteins, not all of them!  I will say though, the freezers are a little more workable now since I’m using/losing stuff that I’m digging out lately … that feels good and hopefully will make room for better meal preparations ahead …

There’s hope, I’m telling you! Of course, the refrigerators are currently overflowing after my stop at Costco on Saturday morning … I am putting myself on a fairly strict food budget for the next week and the month of April, EVEN with Easter coming!

In other news, I did a 5 day course of antibiotics last weekend and through the beginning of the week … and, today, again, Sunday, I feel like I have a touch of something blah again. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a small flare that will come and go quickly … stay positive!

Here’s what I’m looking at for the week:

Sunday – Pork Tenderloin and roasted broccoli (pork from freezer and broccoli just bought). This was actually dinner made Saturday but I felt pretty queasy to my stomach and opted not to eat … Hubby had a grilled pizza with the Boy instead so I will just reheat all in a skillet with some ghee (I had this for breakfast too)

Monday – I have a kickboxing class I want to check out, sick or not so tonight is going to be a simple salad with some creamy dressing … my need to pick up some more salad stuff as I didn’t get any at Costco the other day! Leftovers for Hubby, the boy did a weeks’ worth of meal prep with broccoli, pasta and spinach, Princess and the BF picked up subs, and I, well, I had nachos. I’m sick, and I crave carbs when I’m sick (and it could possibly be because I was really really making an effort to avoid grains!)

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday! Will most likely use the ground turkey I picked up at Costco (balance of ingredients in fridge/pantry)

Wednesday – if all goes well, another class this evening and a super easy dinner with a cobb salad … will probably stop at Fresh Market or Whole Foods to pick up some salad stuff and good deli meat …

Thursday – Italian Beef in the Crockpot … hunk o beef from the freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry. I also have the ciabatta rolls in the freezer for everyone and I will serve mine over a bed of coleslaw (fridge) … recipe and pics coming soon, I promise!

Friday – Leaning towards Sausage and Peppers as I have the sausage in freezer and most likely will have some peppers that will need to be used or frozen soon … IF we do this, I also have a few of the smaller loaves of italian bread in the freezer that I will pull out for the sandwiches too.

Saturday – I picked up some beautiful strip steaks a few weeks ago and am thinking of pulling them out if we have friends/kids/family around … otherwise, chicken with smashed taters … steaks/chicken in freezer, taters in fridge

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan … go check it out!

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