Menu Plan Week 121 – Using What We Have

It’s a scorcher out there! No desire whatsoever to be outdoors today. As a side note, I am leaving the young couple across the street that they CAN NOT leave their tiny dogs out a 2nd floor balcony with no shade for 8 hours when it’s 98 degrees. The poor things!
yes, it WAS hot!
I am still doing a Pantry  / Freezer Challenge … but this past weekend, I spent more money than I have spent in the previous 3 weeks so I may just bypass the No Spending issues for now … BUT we still have LOTS of food in the pantry and freezers that need to be eaten and used up 😉 So onward with a sort of Pantry / Freezer Challenge, I say!
The week ahead is going to be interesting … Hubby is in Los Angeles (takes the redeye home and gets in at 5am Friday) so it’s just me and whatever kids are around, it’s the last week of the month and my work calendar is looking pretty busy AND I’d like to get a little more exercise in this week … I’m tempted to let them fend for themselves and just wing it for the week, but maybe that’s not the best thing as being unprepared is a set up for a quick dinner out! So, Menu Plan it is 😉
I didn’t really have any free time so to speak to do any meal prep over the weekend (I mean heck it’s 6pm Sunday and I’m finishing this up!) so hoping that I will have some quiet time at home (meaning everyone is GONE) and I can do a few things, like make the chili for later in the week!
Here’s what I’m looking to have … Hubby is out so mangoes and avocados will be making their appearances!
Sunday – leftover steak and green beans with sauteed mushrooms. Just me and the Boy so he can have leftovers too (he only ate half his steak last night)
Monday – Evil Jungle Salad is what I’m planning … will reserve a little more steak from last night, balance of ingredients are in the fridge and pantry! I love that this will be a continuation of using up the leftovers!  
Tuesday – changing things up this week and skipping the Taco Tuesday theme and making Island Shrimp Salsa … shrimp in freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge
Wednesday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … will cook up a whole package of bacon in case the kids are here and want to make BLT sandwiches for themselves … chicken and bacon in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. May need to get more salad by this time 😉
Thursday – Beanless Chocolate Chili … ground beef from freezer, balance of ingredients from pantry. I’d like to freeze some of this for future single meal servings.
Friday – Hubby is home (yeah!) thinking of burgers on the grill with some tater skins … beef is in freezer, taters in the pantry. Will need to check the status of the bun situation 😉
Saturday – Hubby’s choice, but I’m sure he will lean towards using something we have on hand already!
What are YOU making this week? Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week 121 – Using What We Have

  1. Oh those poor doggies! I hope you will continue to keep an eye on them Why would anyone leave them outside all day in the heat when the could be inside in the A/C. They should at least cage them if they get into mischief. They could have died out there! Anyway, I live in central Florida so I know it is pretty hot here too. Thanks for the menu planning and photos. This time of year I would rather \”assemble\” dinner than cook it!


  2. That shrimp salsa looks awesome, we love shrimp at our house!


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