Menu Plan Week 122 – Using What We Have

Hi Hi … it’s that time of week again …

Can you believe it’s MAY? Seems like the year is just flying by and gosh, we are almost half over!

Summertime has officially kicked in around here, although the pool has dropped from that awful 96 degrees to 80 with the rain and wind AND the fact that we put the pool cover away for the year … the kids are begging me to toss it back on for a week to warm it back up again … Hubby (party pooper) said NO since it’s a hassle to get it dried out before storing. Oh well … it will warm up soon (hopefully!)

We’ve got a birthday this week … #51. Yeah. Me. Yikes. It sort of stinks that if falls on a Tuesday which no one wants to go out for dinner on Cinco de Mayo that falls on Taco Tuesday on top of it, you know? So I’m not sure what the group has planned … let alone the girlfriends who would just as soon celebrate it all week long (NOT ME).

I’m also considering checking out a kickboxing class down the street from the office … I’m really liking the idea that it’s close to work, starts at 6:15 (as opposed to the one that starts at 7:15) but don’t know how much it is yet . BUT I do know I need to be doing something. I was down 10 pounds and realize that I’ve gained back 7 of those, so really, only down 3. Ugh. THAT shouldn’t be the issue so much as the jiggly stuff going on when I put on the bikini or shorts. Not very pretty whatsoever, even with a tan.  I’m also looking back on the amount of beer consumption in the past 2 weeks … being that I no longer drink LIGHT beer, this could be a huge calorie intake that I’m not paying attention to! At least, if I’m working out a few nights a week, that’s 2 or 3 nights that I won’t be drinking beer 😉 And hopefully it will keep me motivated to stay on the right track!

I am keeping myself on a pretty strict grocery budget for May … $60 a week … I still have TONS of stuff in the pantry and freezer and really think I could do another so-called Pantry / Freezer / No Spend Challenge … but whew, it’s hard to just say no some days, you know? So I’m sticking with a tight budget for this month. I’ve already filled the cash envelopes up and after I get gas tomorrow, will remove the debit card from my wallet (yikes!) to stay on track.

The only REAL food prep I did for the week on Sunday was the iceburg lettuce being chopped up and extra bacon cooked … Oh, and we will have LOTS of burgers leftover (hopefully) for lunches and such. So here’s what we are looking at this week ahead ….

Sunday – Burgers on the grill to end a nice weekend … I was planning on something else but Hubby decided he wanted to grill one more time before the work week kicks in … beef from freezer, buns in pantry and will whip up something to go along side … most likely a corn salad or something (pantry items)

Monday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad. Chicken and bacon from freezer, will use iceburg lettuce (fridge) and dressing ingredients in pantry. Still have some roma tomatoes to use up

Tuesday – family decides, but most likely will make tacos … ground beef in freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry

Wednesday – Aussie Style Chicken with sauteed green beans. Chicken and bacon in freezer, cheese in fridge (will use shredded cheddar), will make the honey mustard dressing and green beans in fridge

Thursday – Leftovers! Or soup and salad. Soup in pantry and salad from the ongoing food prep during the week

Friday – Thinking along the lines of flat bread pizza as I have everything on hand to do so. Flat bread in freezer, cheese and pepperoni in the fridge, sauce and canned shrooms from pantry … any other toppings I’m sure I have on hand somewhere!

Saturday – Hubby’s choice. We are having an old friend over that we haven’t seen much of lately. Seems to be what we’ve started to do, instead of a group, inviting individual or a couple over. Makes it a little more stress-free and manageable.

What are YOU planning this week? Check out Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday party for more ideas!

1 thought on “Menu Plan Week 122 – Using What We Have

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Your menu looks great, especially the Aussie Chicken. I've pinned it for future meals.


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