Menu Plan Week 123 – Using What We Have

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Honestly, it’s Mother’s Day everyday, right? 🙂 That’s what MY kids tell me anyway!

It’s Sunday, it’s gorgeous outside, I took a bike ride down the beach and back (over 3 miles) which was a little wobbly in the beginning, but then the “it’s like riding a bike” kicked in and I was one handed and even ventured to go hands free … but only a few seconds …. last thing I need to do is explained scraped knees and elbows, you know? 🙂

This is the bike that Hubby and the Boy curb crawled for me and spent a few bucks fixing it up and getting new tires and rims … it’s been sitting for SO long and Hubby called to tell me it was a beautiful day at the beach and to turn OFF the iron and take a ride. Gotta love the guy for telling me and gently pushing me … so off I went. Sadly, it’s the fenders are no longer shiny and they are rusty but the Boy said we could sand it all down and just spray paint them … I’m thinking ALL red?

So. That was pretty much my exercise for the past 4 months 😉 meaning I did NOT check out those classes like I wanted to last week. Maybe this week?

My schedule at work looks fairly light so I’m thinking I should be home fairly early most nights, but Monday I need to go to my dad’s yet again as he called today to tell me his TV is not working … I don’t know if it’s the remote, the plug, the cable box or just the TV died … I will have to drive out there to check it out as he can’t figure it out or tell me what’s wrong 😦 Ugh.

Last weeks menu plan was sort of followed … Hubby and the kids took me to PF Changs on Wednesday and we had TONS of leftovers for the rest of the week with us only needing to grill up some chicken Friday night to go with the balance of rice and green beans. It was yummy … although, more expensive than I had thought it would be.  A little food prep is being done this Sunday, eggs are boiled, lettuce chopped, bacon to be cooked, meats are in the shoebox (pork tenderloin, chicken tenders, Aidells chicken and apple sausage, and ground turkey) to defrost and a few other things to be done yet BUT the pool is calling me and I promised myself I’d have a relaxing non-alcoholic pool side afternoon. Lemon water is made and the ice is melting down to chill it out.

I’d like to stay out of the stores til the weekend like I did last week … and even then, it was $20 at the produce store. SWEET! If I can do that again, I’d be thrilled!

Here’s what we are looking at for the week ahead:

Sunday – good question STILL 😉 Grillin and chillin … all from the freezer, fridge and pantry

Monday – Ranchy Crock Pot Chicken … chicken in freezer, rest of stuff in pantry. Will offer up mashed taters (pre-made in the fridge) and maybe some roasted broccoli (probably not though)

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – will use the ground turkey from freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry. I am going to pull out the black bean soup from the freezer too to offer up if anyone is interested. One week I might surprise EVERYONE and not do a Taco Tuesday 😉

Wednesday – Leftover pulled Smokey Pork from the freezer. I’m really glad I froze the leftovers instead of eating them all! I will use a few ciabatta rolls from the freezer for those who want a sandwich … me? I’ll serve mine over shredded green and purple cabbage …

Thursday – Leftovers OR soup and sandwiches/salads.

Friday – looking at a cuban night and a new crock pot recipe with pork chunks … yummm …. AND Mojitos! I will need to stop and buy rum and mint for those but everything else is on hand!

Saturday – our friend couldn’t make it last Saturday, which was actually fine with me as I was exhausted from Friday night’s adventures … so he will be coming this evening. Hubby wanted to make pork chops and I did find some in the freezer, but that would be pork THREE times this week … and half the household is NOT a fan of pork (shame on them, they are missing so much!) … so instead, I might offer up some chicken (thighs or breast, from freezer) or a big hunk of beef since I have a few hunks of beef (flank, london broils, etc.)

What are YOU looking to cook up this week? Head over to Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan party and see what 100’s of others are doing!

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