Menu Plan Week 124 – Using What We Have

It’s going to be a rough week ahead, I think … my dad’s girlfriend/soulmate has passed away. We knew it was coming and are actually surprised that she held out as long as she has as she never really came back from her surgery. So this week will have the funeral and all the other fun stuff that goes along with someone passing.

To make matters even worse (for me, anyway) is the fact that my father has NOTHING suitable to wear to a funeral. Like, just shorts, polos and tshirts. Yup. That’s his wardrobe. Not that it’s been an issue, but I spent Sunday morning running around trying to find slacks to fit him (um, his waist is 53 inches around but he’s only 5’5″ tall) and then a jacket. Can NOT locate dark pants, but thankful I did get him a pair of khakis that have a half elastic waist to fit. And then, the jacket. Black, thankfully. Still not sure what I’m going to do for a shirt but I’ll figure it out.


I did some grocery shopping this week. It all started out easy enough … but then I saw the tbones on sale and started counting on my fingers, and picked up 8. That put me WAY over budget.  They are in the freezer waiting for a special day. Not sure WHY I felt compelled to buy them. Then Sunday was Walmart (getting slacks and jacket for dad and figured might as well pick up some fruit stuff) … Publix was $109 and Walmart was $146 (this did include $60 in clothing for dad). I think I need to just stay out of the stores again.

Here’s what I’m looking at for the week ahead …

Sunday – Sandwich Bar …. I’m tired. Bread was picked up at Walmart, lunch meat from fridge (and more from Walmart), cheese in fridge, all the additional items are in the fridge/pantry. Need to try and get the mayo made (after several inquiries/requests)

Monday – Chopped Steaks with Mushroom Gravy … beef in freezer, shrooms in fridge, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. Will serve with egg noodles (pantry)

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday, of course. Will use the ground turkey from freezer balance of ingredients are in the fridge and pantry

Wednesday – Sticky Glazed Chicken Thighs in Butter Lettuce … new recipe and pretty excited to try and share!  Thighs in freezer (will debone myself), lettuce in fridge and balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry … will serve with a corn salad (pantry ingredients and fresh herbs)

Thursday – Chicken and Veggie Stirfry – chicken in the freezer as are the stir fry veggies. May have to improvise the sauce a bit …

Friday –  Going in to a 3 day weekend with Hubby flying out to Germany on Monday and I’m thinking its going to be a quiet weekend (hopefully!) so leaning towards flat bread pizzas … this is something that we’ve been making and it’s time for me to share the recipe/procedure! Flatbread from freezer, cheese from fridge, tomatoes and garlic and olive oil from the pantry. It’s super easy to do so I’ll share this week!

(this was from Saturday night … we killed 5 of these as an appetizer)

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, 3 day holiday weekend, will let Hubby make the call …

I’m looking forward to Hubby being out of town the week ahead as I’ve got a few new recipes I want to try and a few trouble spots that I’d like to tackle and declutter at my leisure 😉

Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party … lots of other bloggers are sharing their menu plans!

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