Menu Plan Week 125 – Using What We Have

Here we are again, another Funday Sunday has come and gone and now it’s time to post the Menu Plan!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day weekend? We sort of laid low on Saturday, floated in the pool on Sunday and I have a single girlfriend coming over Monday afternoon to float … not to mention, Hubby flies out Monday morning for a fun filled week in Germany. Is that said sarcastically? Sort of. He’s a little anxious about the trip, the 11 hour flight from Atlanta is how he starts off and from there, he is just besides himself. He’ll be fine … he doesn’t mind flying but I think he keeps focusing on the ELEVEN hours …

So … it’s just me, the cats and the kids (well, sort of hope the kids hang out at their respective boyfriend/girlfriend houses a few nights to give me some well deserved quiet time) … I’m still not sure if I even want to entertain any of the girls during this time … I could really use the quiet time and maybe get some de-cluttering done. With quietness, or maybe, my music of choice 😉

I stopped at Publix on Thursday and spent $60 … this included 4 pounds of grass fed ground veal for $4.99 a pound along with 2 pounds of bacon (like I needed it!) Also hit up Whole Foods for the veggie run … it was the crap craft beer that set me over the budget though.

Anyway. I’m hoping to get some meal prep underway on Monday for the week ahead, and hopefully for the month of June as I told Hubby we really need to crack down on our eating habits of late. He’s skipping lunch and ravished in the evening … I’m eating lunch every day but not wanting dinner …. well, at least, not what I have planned or anything along the the lines of healthy 😉 So I’m thinking June should be a basic reset month … not Whole 30’ish but along those lines of way healthier eating … not to mention, I fade in and out on the grain free eating … I can definitely tell a difference in my hands when I avoid grains (no, not just wheat/gluten, GRAINS, period) … and of course, it takes a major flare up to remind me of that … which I think is coming on based on the swelling I’m experiencing  … So with that little paragraph out of the way … here’s what I’m looking at this week ahead:

Sunday – burgers on the grill … ground beef from freezer (which I really need to inventory once and for all), buns in pantry, balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry. I ate mine over a yummy bed of shredded lettuce.  As the kids were cooking, they also grilled up some zucchini and yellow squash that was in the fridge (yeah for healthy minded kids!)

Monday – Going to make the favorite Oriental Cabbage Salad and some Beanless Chili … ground beef from freezer and balance of ingredients from the pantry. Hoping to be able to freeze HALF of the batch for using later in June (I think I have room to do this now!). Will also bake a small spaghetti squash to serve the chili over the top as in a 3 2 way chili dish and for leftovers for the week ahead!

Tuesday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad – chicken was cooked Saturday night (from freezer). Salad and balance of ingredients in fridge

Wednesday – Zucchini and Pesto Bowl … zucchini in fridge will need to be picked up, Will make the pesto (not a problem the basil plant is the only thing alive outside) … this is a new recipe and I’m excited to FINALLY use the Spiralizer I picked up a few months ago!

*Is anyone seeing a pattern yet?*

Thursday – Sausage and Peppers Stir Fry – chicken apple sausage (from freezer), peppers and onions from fridge. If I have any leftovers, will serve over spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles

Friday – Margharita Frittata … instead of a Marghartia Pizza 😉 Fingers crossed that it’s as good as I hope … eggs in fridge, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. Will give the kids (if they are around) the option to order a pizza

Saturday – would LOVE to make Shrimp Scampi with squash pasta but that depends on whether or not the Boy is home as he becomes pretty hivey when there is seafood around 😉 Can’t have that on my consciousness … otherwise, I will offer up a few steaks on the grill which is probably what we will really have IF there are others around for dinner this evening.

What are YOU making this week? And are you finding yourself making MORE veggies as summer gets closer??

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday Party … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Week 125 – Using What We Have

  1. I got a Spiralizer recently – it is so great! The kids will eat things they wouldn't normally like, just when it is 'Spiralized'! Hope you have a lovely quiet week and get lots done. I need to inventory my freezer as well – it has been on the to-do list for way too long!


  2. I love my spiralizer also. Does your work with carrots? If so do you have any hints?ThanksLinda


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