Frugal Friday Tip #1

When times are good and your wallet is fat, it’s easy to forget about the frugal things you do on a day to day basis that made that wallet fatter and the times better.

I’ve decided to remind myself of things that I do, or need to re-focus on doing since I seem to have been on a wave lately with extreme frugalness one month and extreme spending the next. Yes. It’s true. 
I figure that if I try to practice these tips consistently and then a few things I need to get back on track, the wallet will certainly get fatter again, right?
Half the battle is recognizing a weak spot!
So here you go, Frugal Tip #1:
Freeze leftovers for a quick dinner to avoid a dinner out on a busy/tired night.
Yup. Used to do this a lot but then I started pawning the leftovers off for lunches. I have some room in the freezers now so last week, I took half the taco meat (after Taco Tuesday, of course) and froze it in a ziploc. The most time consuming part (cooking and seasoning the meat) is D O N E and all I have to do is shred lettuce, chop onions and tomatoes (hello Vidalia Chop Wizard!) and pull out the cheese and the tortilla shells and we are good to go! 
Savings? Well, for me and Hubby, minimum of $50 as we like to have an adult beverage if we go out somewhere which is basically $12 for Hubby’s drink and $6 or so for my beer. If the kids come along, easily $80 or so for the 4 of us, so it’s a pretty nice chunk of change.
*Right now, I’ve got a batch of my Beanless Chocolate Chili in the freezer, along with above mentioned taco meat. That’s 2 meals already stashed that I will add to the dinner rotation towards the end of June if we haven’t used them as the back up by then!

What about you? What do YOU do to avoid the dinnertime “I don’t feel like cooking tonight” feeling?

2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday Tip #1

  1. I just did one of those magical freezer dinners. You so right they are great for busy days. You save a lot of money and probably eat better too! Great tip!


  2. We usually heat our left over foods too, so that we will not waste any foods.


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