Menu Plan Monday Week 129 – Using What We Have

Photo taken Saturday night with iPhone … 
Hey hey … it’s Funday Sunday which means it’s time to Meal Prep and Menu Plan!

Last weeks menu, yet again, sort of fell apart … but we still did good and ate at home … and spent lots of time in the pool after work, sat on the dock and watched the sunset and just relaxed. Don’t mistake relaxing for being lazy, please!  I realize that I need to be more mindful of what makes me Happy and Calm … and these 2 activities at the end of a busy work day are perfect …

Photo taken Friday night with iPhone

So. Looking ahead at the week doesn’t show me a whole lot of busy time, thankfully. I mean, sure, I’m busy at work but that’s ok, that’s only 8:30 to 6 or so (hopefully that’s all) but I do have to take the Princess to a neurologist on Monday morning to see what we can figure out about these migraines she’s been having lately … which hopefully is just stress or caffeine related and nothing ‘serious’ … other than that, it’s all good for the week ahead!

Meal prep plans for this fine Sunday Funday include: another batch of some stellar ranch dressing, making mayo, spiralizing the green cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots and zuchinni, cleaning the butter lettuce, making some fresh tomato stuff, pulling all the protein out for the week ahead AND that’s it. Oh, yeah, I need to steam some eggs too for the tuna salad I’m making to send with Hubby for lunches … AND if I can stay motivated enough to finally do it, organize and inventory the main freezer … I need to get it cleaned out and empty so we can have it serviced and maybe get the water line active again …

I am trying really really hard to stay away from grains as there is some serious swelling and pain in the hands for the past few weeks … my number one issue is the beer (#1 gluten loaded thing I consume) …. so the menu is for the general population of the household, and I try to sub out my stuff with salads and stuff instead of the breads, rice, pasta stuff … I think I want to keep my week simple so here’s what we are planning:

Sunday – leftover flat bread pizzas along with the salt and vinegar wings we made Saturday night … also want to try a new recipe for some “street fries” so I need to lay off the margaritas and beer to stay on track this evening! 😉 It’s a joke, but not really 🙂 I’m also going to serve up a nice salad to use some of the killer ranch dressing … taters are in the fridge along with the salad stuff

Monday – chicken and asparagus … yes, I still have the asparagus and honestly, this menu was mixed up after I started typing it out and looking at it … did you know that if you store your asparagus standing up in the plastic bag (with the top half uncovered) it will last for quite a while? Yup, that’s my secret. Not to mention, it’s in the garage fridge door which is not opened much during the week (weekends, beer swiggin time is a totally different thing though) … will most likely need to use chicken thighs (boneless?) as that’s what we have an abundance of

Tuesday – Club sandwiches and/or BLT’s … I have two big loaves of french bread in the freezer that needs to be used up because it’s making life difficult everytime I open the door 😉 Turkey in fridge, bacon in freezer (will cook in oven), balance of ingredients in fridge/counter and pantry (mine will be blt wraps in butter lettuce leaves)
Wednesday – Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad …chicken in the freezer (this may be the last of the chicken breast), balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry

Thursday – Taco Thursday? … still have not made the recipe I want to try with the short ribs … beef in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. I think I’ll pull out the black bean soup from the freezer to serve along with the tacos. Might need to shred some cheddar cheese (fridge) too (picked up a bunch of cheese blocks from Aldis a few weeks ago for $1.59 a block)
Friday – Brats and Sauerkraut … brats in the freezer, sauerkraut was picked up last Friday @ Publix … will also serve up a small salad to have some yummy ranch with. May need to pick up buns if anyone wants buns with theirs
Saturday – as always, Hubbys choice and hopefully this is the day we FINALLY put the boat back in the water (which means no more perfect view of the sunset, oh well) … if I can find a pork roast or loin in the freezer I’d like to just do that in the crockpot
And … that’s that!
What are you planning this week? Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party for more ideas! 
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