Menu Plan Monday – Week 130 Using What We Have

It’s that time of the week again, MENU PLANNING & MEAL PREP! Wheeee!

Ok, it’s not all that exciting but you know, sometimes you have to make something a little more dramatic than it really is to motivate yourself … because, honestly, some days I do dread meal planning…

I’m looking at doing a Pantry/Freezer Challenge for July … the budget seems a little tight lately and my savings account is just not where I need it to be right now … not to mention, I need to get 100% focused on getting some debt paid off … and well, my grocery budget can fluctuate from $80 a week to $250 a week … easily and without much thought. One stop at Whole Foods will kill the budget but I don’t generally feel “too” bad about it because I know that food will not become a food waste issue … odd, isn’t it?

Of course, with that said, Princess and I will hit up Costco on Monday afternoon after her brain scan. That’s a whole ‘nother story but the short story is simply: unexplained migraine headaches for days at a time. We’ll see what happens (I’m quite sure everything is ok, but the neurologist needs to rule out any issues). That $450 charge will certainly keep me on track with my list and I’m telling myself over and over that I will NOT deviate from the list, even if I see something I forgot to add … oh boy, wish me luck.

Food prep for the week? Not a whole lot since it’s Father’s Day .. but I PLAN to ‘boil‘ 6 eggs (not the usual dozen, not at these prices and not knowing what Costco’s price is going to be tomorrow) for tuna salad (Hubby’s lunches), hoping to get around to making the Cashew Chicken in the Crock pot (it only requires 3 to 4 hours so a no-go on a work day) to reheat for dinner, spiralize the zucchini noodles, and pulled out the chili and protein for the week, putting everything in the shoebox. I’d like to cook the taco meat too but doubt the beef will be thawed so that will have to be done on Tuesday …

Ok, here’s what we got planned for the week:

Sunday – Flat Iron Steaks on the grill (these were originally planned for Saturday but dumping the boat in the water put us way behind schedule so we ate leftovers on Saturday) with smashed taters. Steaks were in the freezer, marinade ingredients in pantry and taters in the fridge.

Monday – Cashew Chicken with take out pork fried rice (cheater but cheaper than the full meal). Will reheat the chicken in a skillet with some ghee …just because ;-). Chicken from freezer, cashews and balance of ingredients from pantry.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … tacos all around … going to try and say no thanks to Margaritas this evening and tick with a lime LaCroix 😉 Beef in freezer, all the fixins from fridge and pantry.

Wednesday – 4-Way Chili … chili from freezer, pasta from pantry, zucchini (for me) from fridge, along with balance of ingredients.

Thursday – leftover night! Or, salad / soup / sandwiches

Friday – Yeah, it’s Friday … does anyone follow me on Instagram? I try to post a picture of my “I don’t care it’s Friday” mood 😉 Burgers on the grill … beef in freezer, buns in pantry (may need to replenish since I don’t know what they’ll be like by that time) and all the fixins in fridge/pantry.

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … I have a feeling we may be boating … if that’s the case, will try to suggest something really simple, like Flat Bread Pizzas! I would need to make the flat bread but I’ve got a recipe for a grain free flat bread that I really, really want to try 😉 The rest of the ingredients are in fridge/freezer.

What are YOU looking at this week?  Check out Organized Junkie Menu Plan Monday party …

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