Menu Plan Week 134 – Using What We Have

Here we are again, already, another week has just flown by!

I have NOT been to the grocery store since last Friday … over a week ago! Hubby did buy 2 gallons of milk this past week, a package of hot dog buns and some beer, but other than that, nothing new was brought in to the house! Yes!

Then again, not a whole lot was really used up either … I was out of the house 2 nights with my dad (another hospital visit, he’s fine now but has a cold on top of everything else), and I did hit up the drive through on my way to work one morning after having 5 hours of sleep … weak moment but otherwise, everything was ok. We stuck with the menu plan a few nights and the rest was just fend for yourself with leftovers, sandwiches, etc. We did go out Friday night for a date night (food and drinks) but were out more for adult beverages than food …

The Pantry / Freezer Challenge is coming along just fine … I need to update my freezer inventory on my phone and then transfer it to the blog … it’s just constantly changing 😉 I really need to tackle all 3 refrigerators and get them cleaned and organized and THEN tackle the freezers … so that is Sunday’s project …

There will also be some meal prep for the week ahead. I just need to stay focused and make it happen, you know? But I like to laze around a bit on Sundays! But prepping ahead makes the work week so much easier and better in the end so I will stay focused … some of the things I plan to do are boil eggs, make a batch of ranch dressing, cook up chicken breast (eggs and chicken for lunches), make some rice and hopefully get a crock pot meal started so it’s just a heat and go meal one night. Well. So much for those grand ideas! I did managed to shred 2 8 oz blocks of cheddar cheese but THAT is it!

I anticipate a busy week ahead so hoping to keep things simple:

Sunday – leftover hot dogs and cheese spaetzle that we made for friends on Saturday night … hot dogs were from the 4th of July shop that Hubby did and balance of stuff from fridge and pantry

Monday – 4 way chili (still have NOT made this the past few weeks!) … will make mine with zucchini and all others with pasta. Chili in freezer (still) balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday (surprise!) ground beef in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. Would LOVE to make the meat on Sunday so all I would need to do is reheat … we will see

Wednesday – Chicken Tortilla Soup … this is a new recipe and it’s made in the crock pot … I’d like to try and make it Sunday on the 4 hour setting but not sure if I will get around to that! All ingredients are on hand in pantry and freezer except the salsa verde, may just skip that ingredient to avoid a run to the store Will offer up Black Bean Quesidillas for those who feel they need more substance 😉 All the ingredients are in the pantry and fridge!

Yes, I realize that is a Mexican theme two nights in a row … oh well 😉

Thursday – leftovers … I realize that I need to incorporate a leftover night back in … Hubby doesn’t take leftovers for lunch like we used to do in the old days so there has been a little more food waste than I like … if not enough then there’s always sandwiches, salad, etc.

Friday – looking at Flat Bread Pizza night most likely. Homemade, of course. I do have a batch of dough in the freezer and should have the balance of ingredients in the fridge and pantry. Would really like to try a new grain free dough recipe I have or maybe just a margharita frittata for me … it depends on how my work day goes …

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … he’s good about using what we have on hand!

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out!

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1 thought on “Menu Plan Week 134 – Using What We Have

  1. Mexican is good every night! Thanks for posting. Hello from Menu Plan Monday.


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