Breaking the Pantry/Freezer Challenge – Costco Trip!

Yes, I suppose it’s best to say that the Pantry / Freezer Challenge is O V E R … as much as I hate to say it …

We did clean out a lot from the Pantry … and quite a bit from the Freezer … although Hubby would disagree … and the money NOT spent on food this past month has helped me assist my sister who was in a bad place and hopefully, my boost of cash in her direction has gotten her on steady ground where she will feel confident to continue forward (just a side note, I’m well aware of what it feels like to have NO money and NO where to turn … I’ve been dirt poor and I’ve been well off … and I will never let someone who means a lot to me be dirt poor, if I can help them alleviate some of the stress, financially, I will)

So. I took a day off in the middle of the week. Hubby and I were originally going to do a boating day mid-week … but then he got swamped, we found out it was mini-lobster season and well, I said NO I’m not giving up my day off. So, I made a hair appointment (!NOT frugal at all!) and went to Costco .. wheeeee!  It was one expensive day and I asked my boss (not so) jokingly if he offered overtime pay 😉

A few things on my list were NOT bought due to price or various other reasons … but I still spent more than I wanted to. Also, we still do NOT have Avocado oil … my Costco person had no idea that any other Costco outside Canada had it … told him to go look on Instagram!

So, no avocado oil was bought, but here’s what I DID buy:

TP $15.99
Dawn dish soap $9.69
6 pack cartons egg whites $9.59 (for Hubby who thinks the yolk irrate him AND a test drive on something I’m making)
4 pack of Wholly Guacamole $11.69 less $2 (sadly, I have a LOT in the freezer already)
2 gallons of 2% milk $2.89 each
35 count bottles Zephyerhills water $4,39 (back to boating season and my reusable water bottles are sufficient for a long day out)
twin a\pack Oat Square cereal $7.39 (Boy and Hubby)
boneless pork chops $13.42 (they were like $2.39 a pound!)
150 or so paper plates $13.59 (again, summer, boating, lots of outdoor entertaining)
Tall oscillating fan $39.99 (for Hubby/garage/patio/mosquito control)
paper towels $15.79
54 count Dunkin Donuts Kcup $33.99 (this was to appease Hubby after the shopping trip)
2 pk grey poupon $6.99
36 count (I think) fig bars $10.99 (kids and Hubby, whole wheat, Non GMO, blah blah blah)
huge bag of organic toritilla chips $4,99
large bag of Boom Chicka Popcorn $4.99 less $1.50
twin pack of large baking sheets $10.99 (total impulse buy but have used both already tonight!)
3 pk mouth wash $7.59
5 pk artisan romaine lettuce $4.49
3 pk of deodorant $16.99 (usually $8 a pkg)
15 pk of greek flavored yogurt $13.99 less $4
2 pkgs 2 pounds french green beans $4.79 each
large package of spirng mix salad $4.49
Better than Beef bouillon $6.39 (they don’t carry the cartons any longer??)
3 dozen xtra large eggs $6.99
2 quarts half and half $1.89 each
pkg of cooked bacon $10.49 (drats, the price went up again)
twin pk of greek yogurt $6.99
3 pk of Aidelle Chicken sausage $13.99
bag of chocolate covered fruits (blueberries, cranberries, cherries) $9.69 (impulse)
grilled chicken ravioli $9.79 less $2.50 coupon
String cheese $8.29 (hey, the price went DOWN!)
Trail mix $12.99
5 pk of avocados $4.89
2 3 lb bags of broccoli florets $5.49 (price is creeping up)
twin pack of sliced mozzarella $7.49
4 pounds of organic ground beef $21.99
bag of lemons $7.79 (yeah. Been without lemons for about 2 weeks!)

Grand total? Way more than I wanted … $419.11

Oh. Then I stopped in the liquor store to buy some tequila and Cointreau … only bought the Cointreau at $24.99…figured I have plenty of tequila and no need to spent $35 this day …

Have you been to Costco lately??

* that side note up there? I think my point I was trying to make without bringing the whole story to light is that IF I know someone is hurting and will keep hurting because they can’t see HOW to dig out of the hole they are in, I will help … it’s what I do because I’m able to and I want to.  I know how much money it cost to move in to an apartment and that’s a horrible feeling when you only have a few dollars in your pocket and your payday is still a week away. The KEY is to remember, it’s NOT a loan and never expect repayment. If you do get any repayment, yeah! But if you don’t, it was given as a gift to help you get in a better place  *

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