Menu Plan Monday Week 136 – Using What We Have

Ugh. Can you believe it’s AUGUST?? I mean, seriously, where has the time gone??

The week ahead should be an easy week … Hubby travels on Tuesday and comes back Friday night. I’m dealing with allergies which is new to me but now I realize it’s not the onset of a vicious cold, just a serious allergy to something … I’ve no clue what but seems that whenever we get a sprinkle of rain, the flood gates for the sinuses open up. Must be pollen related, I’m sure.

Food prep was a slight miss this weekend … I boiled 10 eggs. Cleaned a head of butter lettuce.

That’s it. Whoops. Blame the sinuses.

I’d like to stay out of the store this week after breaking the Pantry / Freezer Challenge with a stop at Costco … and, quite honestly, I should be able to feed whoever is around this week with what we have on hand (mental note to self: cook green beans!)

Here’s what I’m looking at:

Sunday – Flat Bread Pizzas on the grill … the boy and Hubby found some pepperoni in the freezer and I think this will be the last of the flat bread in the freezer. I may just make myself a Margarita Frittata if I’ve got the energy (blasted sinuses) since I have a few more eggs than previous weeks. If I do get around to this and it’s yummy, will share later

Monday – ahem. 4 Way Chili using the leftover pasta from Saturday night’s spaghetti and meatballs and chili from freezer. I’m sort of glad I’ve not pulled the chili out beforehand all these weeks! I will use zucchini (like I did on Saturday night too!) in place of pasta for myself

Tuesday – most likely will take the Boy and Princess out for dinner. I will let them make the call and knowing those 2, they will choose Chipotle which is fine by me … will have the Boy make the guac here at home to save a few bucks

Wednesday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … it’s been a little while since I’ve made this …

Thursday – Looking forward to making a Shrimp & Avocado Salad IF the Boy isn’t home this evening … if the recipe is as good as I anticipate, I will so be sharing it!

Friday – Hoping to pick up a large pork butt (or 2) at Winn Dixie on Monday ($1.50 a pound!) and will toss it in the crock pot on Thursday night to make Crock Full of Smoked Pork … yummm …. need some better pics, I think šŸ™‚

Saturday – as always, Hubby’s choice … may offer up some of the pork chops that were picked up at Costco last week …

What are YOU looking to make this week? Go ahead and check out Organized Junkie’s party for more ideas!

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