Guaranteed Juicy Chicken Breast

Guaranteed. Juicy Chicken Breast.


Really. I did type that up.

Really, I made that the title.

That’s how certain I am that this is GUARANTEED to give you juicy chicken breast~

Would you like to come over and see Hubby roll his eyes when I tell him we are having chicken breast for dinner?

He’s tired of chicken breast. Even more so, tired of the dried out pieces of fowl because Hubby likes ALL his meat well done.

Ahem. Might as well drag that chicken breast down the road and back up a few times and do a couple of burnouts over it.

Ok. So let’s not be so dramatic. However, if this was a Scat Pack, I might even donate a whole chicken or two .. just because … 
OH. Wait. You are here for the yummy, yet simple recipe, not car tips, huh?
I love chicken breast. But Hubby, he has this odd notion that flavors need to be concentrated, and the only way you can get that is when you cook something on low heat for a looooong time. 
Can I just tell you, concentrated meat is not all that, in my opinion.
So, slowly, not Super Bee or Scat Cat style, I’m changing his way of thinking. It’s taking a LONG time, but we are getting there. I try not to be judgmental or condescending (a filet mignon WELL DONE? WTF??) … and like all things, repeat, repeat, repeat and eventually, it just falls in place.
So this recipe? It’s simply the basis for my BLT Inspired Chicken Salad meat. I’ve had this on the menu numerous times, and a few times (more than I want to admit publicly) we ended up just having the chicken by itself with some veggies (or rice, for “those” people) and called it a meal.
Time and time again, I have been told how freakin’ juicy the chicken is. Even by that man, Hubby.
It’s simple.
And does not require any funky ingredients or long @ss marinading and procedure. That alone is a BIG hit in my mind!
Here’s what you need:
3 pounds or so of boneless, skinless chicken breast
1/4 cup of olive oil
1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar
fresh basil chopped
black pepper to taste
Measure your oil and vinegar in a measuring glass. Add the basil and then grab a fork or whisk and whisk til combined. Don’t worry, you arent’ emulsifying it, just blending it. Toss in the basil and give it one final stir.
Toss your chicken breast in a ziploc (or shoebox) and pour the oil and vinegar mixture over the top. Flip (shake) the chicken around to coat all the pieces.
Let marinate UP TO one hour. Any longer than that and I think your chicken will get funky, and no one likes Funky Chicken!
When ready to cook, fire up your grill and take the chicken out of the marinade, putting it on a platter to drain a little.  Oil the grates of the grill and then put the chicken on, cooking over medium heat til cooked through, flipping half way through.
TIP: If you want the pretty grill marks, the grates gotta be HOT when you first put the chicken on. IF you oil the grates, you will be able to turn each piece 1/4 counterclockwise without sticking or tearing the meat.
Serve up with a side of green beans or roasted broccoli and ENJOY!
Looking forward to sharing at some of these AWESOME PARTIES! Go check them out!

7 thoughts on “Guaranteed Juicy Chicken Breast

  1. I love that you are that confident about how this chicken will turn out! I've got some sitting in the fridge I may just have to cook up for a salad this week. Thanks for sharing on Weekend Bites


  2. I'm always down for a juicy piece of chicken, and your image is spot on. I love how all your directions are specific, so we can easily follow them as well. Yum! Thank you so much for bringing this entrée to the fiesta this week! Happy FF, and have a wonderful week!! 🙂


  3. Oooh I love a good juicy chicken breast! Yours looks great! Cool cars 🙂


  4. Thanks Sara! Let me know if you try the recipe and if you don't agree how yummy it is!


  5. Thanks for stopping by Kaila! Hope you give the recipe a try, especially being gluten free!


  6. Very confident 😉 Hope you gave it a try!


  7. My very picky husband 'hates' grilled anything. I love it, but we don't have a grill. Any suggestions?


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