Peach Vodka Seabreeze

*To keep this grain free, go with Circo Vodka which is made with grapes instead of potatoes*

Originally, I had these pegged as a refreshing, summertime drink, but you know what? They’ve floated my boat just fine through the South Florida winter months and another summer too 😉

I am not usually one to be using a martini glass, simply due to the spill factor … but yes, I do occasionally. Someday’s I just want to be *special*.

Most times, I use a rock glass. Great for making a toast and for putting the glass down quickly while laughing, which, if you get a small group of girlfriends drinking these, you will be!

And then, of course, during a BBQ/Pool Party … you gotta bring out the Solo Cups … and everyone sing the song now! Red Solo Cup, I fill you up … 


Ok, are you ready for a super yummy, lip smacking adult beverage?

Peach Vodka (I am a firm believer that you need to buy a better brand, not the Gordon stuff or something of that class … if you are prone to headaches, do buy the good stuff, PLEASE!) I’ve switched to Circoc because I’m trying to avoid grains (hence, beer really SHOULD be off limits … another post on Angry Orchard is coming soon)
Pink Grapefruit Juice … I buy the refrigerated stuff, and yes, I spend a little more money on this too
Cranberry Juice … prefer you NOT use the Cranberry Juice COCKTAIL stuff but the real juicy juice stuff!

Fill your glass with ice.  Add vodka to desired amount (about 1/3). Pour almost to top with grapefruit juice and add a splash of cranberry. Give a quick stir, make a toast and sip!

Lick your lips, lean towards your girlfriend (or Hubby!) and say “We’ve got a Winner!”


As always, please drink responsibly which means, do NOT drink and drive, please!

Looking forward to sharing at some of these GREAT PARTIES! Go check them out!

7 thoughts on “Peach Vodka Seabreeze

  1. Oh my goodnessssss! This looks amazing!! How delicious! Haha…and no worries I drink during the work week all the time. I have a linkup going on called Thursty Thursday. We do it every Thursday. I would love it if you stopped by and linked this up today! It's a great addition!! Cheers!!


  2. That looks absolutely delicious! And I'd so go for that Martini glass – it just oozes class. I might get a plastic one, though, just in case … 😉 Thanks for bringing these along to Fiesta Friday – it's good to have a well-stocked bar like yours on our side!Ginger


  3. I haven't had one of these in a LONG time- nice!! Looks great.


  4. I love a good grown up drink from time to time. Thanks for sharing this delicious drink with us over at Feature Fridays. I hope you will stop by again of Friday to see you post featured this week!


  5. This sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday link party. I hope you'll join us again next week. Sharing your post on Twitter!


  6. This looks like a wonderful cocktail! I love peach flavours in cocktails and I like how you've added the cranberry. Thank you for sharing this delicious drink with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.


  7. Looks delicious great for any party, thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop, pinning and tweeting.


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