Menu Plan Week #144 – Whole30 Style Using What We Have

Happy Sunday … and yes, it’s that time of week again!

So. Let me just get this out of the way, right now:

I had pizza AND beer on Friday night. Oh, yes, I did. And, man, did I pay the price for it at 2am with a major case of heartburn and stomach ache. Ugh. I won’t even talk about the joints in my hands … they were pretty inflamed and still are today … I’ve taken way too many Aleve in the past 24 hours which just reminds me that BEER may be the #1 culprit! Say it isn’t so!

So, needless to say, I am calling a NEW start to the Whole30 plan starting on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th … trust me, I ate healthy the whole weekend, except that Saturday night, I was too lazy tired to spiralize the zucchini so ate REGULAR pasta with the family after Hubby slaved away all day making the red sauce …

And that Man, as much as I love him, made a double batch of brownies. Flat out told him Sunday afternoon that those things had to go away … like today. Ugh.  And then I think, crap, am I going to go through 48 hours of Kill All Things again???!!! Oh, I hope not!

So … with my mind much more clearer today, I took advantage of the time and meal prepped … and wrote out a menu.  Of course!

I sauteed shrooms, made the green beans, grilled onions and peppers, grilled some chicken breast, sliced up the 3 cucumbers in the fridge, made a batch of mayo and a small batch of balsamic & oil salad dressing. Seemed like a lot of work for what I got …

*Shared on Instagram*
I made up 7 containers of meals and have a whole chicken breast left, lots of green beans (for breakfast!), some grilled veggies and shrooms too that will be used as sides for dinners this week.  Hopefully, I will finally get motivated to hit the gym and if that’s the case, at least I have stuff prepped that I can just reheat quickly in a skillet with a little bit of ghee … 
I did pretty well as far as shopping this past week: 1 trip to Whole Foods and spent $17, trip to the produce store and spent $8 and a trip to Publix and spent $30 … I *think* I’m down for the month.  I do see a stop at Costco coming soon as we used all the olive oil up this weekend and ended up tapping in to the GOOD stuff that is NOT made for cooking with … trust me, I will have a detailed list that I plan to stick with … 
So, with that, here’s what I’m looking forward to sharing this week:
Sunday – Hubby and the Boy has MORE pasta and Red Sauce, whereas I took the safe and easy way out with a salad with chicken 😉  Had I had more time and energy, I would have tackled the spaghetti squash that I have but alas, time got away from me. The sauce ingredients were from the pantry, Hubby used 3 pounds of the grassfed beef I picked up a few weeks ago and pasta was in the pantry as well … 
Monday – Turkey Burger with sauteed shrooms and grilled onions.  Hoping to make either sweet potato fries or rounds. Turkey burgers are from the freezer (Whole Foods a few weeks ago) and rest of ingredients from the fridge/pantry. Will wrap the burgers in butter lettuce whereas Hubby and kids will probably insist on a bun (pantry)
Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … the usual for me, taco salad with guac!  I have taco meat already made in the freezer, balance of ingredients are in the pantry and fridge … will make up a batch of pico since I have a lot of roma tomatoes, onions and jalapenos … but NO cilantro! The Boy will be in charge, as usual, of the guac which is in the freezer (Costco) …
Wednesday – Since we didn’t get to this last week, I’m hoping to do a Chinese night again … General Tso, Unrolled Egg Rolls and Cauli-rice. A little ambitious, I know, but fingers crossed 😉  All approved … will share the recipes if everything turns out! All ingredients in pantry and fridge
Thursday – BLT Boats/Wraps/Cups … not sure WHAT to call them 😉 Will share the thought process behind them at a later time. I’ve got tons of bacon in the freezer and yes, sugar free stuff too (will cook turkey bacon for everyone else as that’s what they prefer and the sugarfree stuff for me)
Friday – Chicago Style Hot Dogs … didn’t get around to that on Friday (obviously!) so tonight it is! I will share how I make mine a little more Whole30 later this week! Hot dogs from the freezer and balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry

Saturday – Steaks … I’ve got a few T-bones in the freezer … might offer up baked potatoes and roasted broccoli to go along … 
Here’s hoping that this board helps everyone stay on track with me! Yes, there are more than seven entrees, I added a few things for lunches too, just in case!
Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday Party … go check it out!

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