Long Awaited Costco Trip

I had a funky day at work today (Tuesday) … I was just tired and didn’t have any ambition or motivation to go the extra mile which is TOTALLY not me! I felt bad about it and even told my boss that “geesh, I’m sorry for being such a deadbeat employee today” … I’m wondering if it’s the lack of coffee AND the Whole30 thing going on … then again, it could just be because I’m tired of the job … not the people I work for, but the job and industry itself. Thanks to Dodd Frank, the whole entire lending industry is going to be topsy-turvy and if I have to hear, one more time “well, we just don’t know what the lenders are going to expect from us” I’m going to scream. I think maybe its partly that: not knowing what to expect with these changes coming next week … I’m good at what I do, but it’s taken me almost 15 years to be an expert 😉

Anyway.  Enough whining, right? Thanks for pretending you cared and sympathize 🙂

So. Told the boss, I’m leaving 15 minutes early today to beat the downtown traffic so I can hit up Costco. That didn’t happen … it was raining, like really hard. Then I just said maybe that’s what I needed, focused driving, peacefully, without anyone expecting anything from me. Told you I was in a funk!

I had a grocery list, and I also laid out about how much the trip should cost, including the renewal fee of $110 (!!) … and I stayed within that amount. Of course, a few things were NOT picked up (chicken thighs, spinach, salad blend, paper towels, a few other things) but that’s ok as I think I’m going back next week to pick up a few other things for my dad as well …

Stock looks low already! 

So here’s what I got:

2 dozen organic eggs $6.99
2 pack green pans $39.99 less $6 (I need these as I’ve got 2 skillets that are going out the door in the morning because they’ve been sticking really bad lately)
bag of limes $5.79
5 pk baby romaine heads $4.49
large container sea salt $2.79
2 Asian Salad bags mixes $4.99 each (will toss the dressing and make my own)
2 pkgs of bananas $1.39 each (which are almost gone already!)
bag of lemons $7.99
large bag of sweet potatoes (10 lbs?) $7.99 (lots of sweet potato recipes coming soon!)
large container of Dawn dish soap $9.69
large bottle of olive oil $11.99
6 pk of toothpaste $9.99 (Kirkland brand)
bath soap bars $9.99 (not sure how many there are, too lazy to go see – Kirkland brand)
6 pk cartons of egg whites $9.59 (the Boy uses in smoothies, Hubby makes omelets and I have a recipe that uses only egg whites and I hate to waste a yolk)
large bottle of avocado oil $8.69 … at last, they have it here!!! Oh Happy Days! The display was about 50% gone so I’m guessing this is going to be a good item for them (see above!)
5 pk of spray starch for ironing $3.99 (dirt cheap as a bottle in the store cost this much!)
TP $21.99 less $5 (cheaper than the Kirkland brand)
frozen turkey burgers $10.99. 4 pounds. Now I just need to convince Hubby 😉
6 pk of avocados $5.49
3 pk of Aidelle Chicken/Apple Sausage $13.99
2 pounds of pulled pork $9.99 (I’m on the fence about this, I make it myself most times, but I think for the next 28 days, it’s best to have readily accessible protein)
Membership renewal $110

Grand total $319.91.  It could have been way worse. They have re-organized the store and half the stuff is moved to a different location which means I see so many more things!  Like the PANS! That was not on my list!! But they are needed and the price is fairly decent.

Oh, on my way out, I asked the guy at the membership/return desk if I could return something from 8 months ago or so that I only used a few times and now it doesn’t work (the fabric steamer thingy) he said yes … so I got a cash card back for $29.99 😉 That offsets the pans a little!

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