Costco Trip Whole30 Style

My dad fell the other night and hit the back of his head pretty hard. Needless to say, 2 days in ICU for head trauma and bleeding on the brain adds a little stress to my life … he’s definitely showing signs of a stroke, right side of face droopy, unable to move or lift right arm, unable to grip with right hand and slurred speech. Never a dull moment 😦 Sunday morning the nurse said that he has discharge orders BUT they are following up on recommended rehabilitation … he can’t get out of bed, he can’t use his right arm or hand, uhm, yes, he needs some rehab before he goes home … I’ve asked that they inquire further with the doctor. Just found out that he will be going to a facility for Acute Rehabilitation (which is the place that we both love in that it’s a nice facility, good care and very very active in treatment).


So when I went to see him on Saturday morning, I stopped at Costco, I mean, heck, it’s less than a mile away, I had a running list in my head and again, it’s less than a mile away!

Here’s what I got to make my life a little easier this week …. which, by the way, is WEEK #3 of Whole30 … I’m just as surprised as YOU are!

Yup, that’s an Instagram shot of the cart while waiting in line. On a Saturday afternoon … 2pm to be exact and I was STARVING.

Here’s what I got (some of which you can not see in the cart):

2 72 count coffee pods, $33.99 less $5 each (hey, this was a good deal)
4 pk of italian sausage $13.99
2 pk mini watermelon $6.99
container of pre-cut butternut squash $5.99
bag of asian cabbage salad mix $4.99
19 piece Pyrex set $29.99 less $6 (I really thought this was less expensive)
2 pkgs of bananas $1.39 each
5 pk avocados $4.99
large bag of clementines $8.99
3 pk english cucumbers $3.49
bottle of avocado oil $8.99
bag of chocolate covered dried fruit $9.69 **
bag of cashew crunch $11.79 **
container macadamia nuts $16.99
3 pack of roasted turkey $9.99
container of tomato medley $5.99
24 pk eggs $6.99
2 pk greek yogurt $5.99 **
2 pk of rotisserie chicken $8.79 (this was the lunchmeat, NOT the fresh meat stuff)
bag of fresh garlic $4.99
pkg of raspberries $3.99
pkg of strawberries $4.99
5 pk of romaine $3.99

Those items with ** are NOT for me 🙂 I already had a large watermelon and a large butternut squash but geesh, the fresh produce at Costco always gets me!  The artisan romaine lettuce was skipped as they didn’t look that great, same with mushrooms, broccoli and gen beans. That’s ok in that I have all already so I’m good …

Grand total $239.74 less a $29.67 cash card I had on hand.

So. The avocado display was pretty full which made me feel better than the last time!  They do NOT carry the pre-cooked hard boil eggs (yes, an easy way out even though it’s not frugal) …. and a few other things were missing.

I really didn’t “need” some of the stuff (watermelon, lettuce, avocado oil) but I was there and it certainly saves me a future trip and money at the end of day instead of buying at a regular store … so long as I have NO FOOD WASTE! 🙂

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