Week 147 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Hi Hi … it’s that time of the week again … Menu Plan Day!

Technically, it SHOULD be Week 4 of the Whole30 … but, ahem, there was a Pei Wei dinner on Thursday night, a few sugar cookies on Friday and then Saturday night …  B E E R

And man, do I feel like crap. Headache. Stomach ache. Woozy. Shaky … hangover, yeah, probably. BUT I felt like crap on Friday, Saturday AND today … I would like to say it’s all the sugar cookies fault which is a likely scenario … so yeah, no more sugar cookies.

I am also hitting Orlando and Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday and Friday this week … and well, I think I may be able to safely say I’ll skip the beer 😉 I certainly have NOT miss waking up with this crappy feeling! But food, well, I will probably eat some less than stellar food choices, but will keep it as clean as possible!

Meal prep for the week includes making celery soup (recipe coming this week), mayo, (gonna try this with the avocado oil this time), salad jars, cut fruit, and simple veggie prep. I also plan to cook up some butternut squash and have on hand for soup later … hoping to maybe make the sausage and peppers and taco meat this afternoon to make my life a little easier …

The grocery shopping has been fairly minimal … a stop at the NEW Trader Joe’s on Thursday night was it … spent $33 and really didn’t get anything that was ‘needed’ but did get a few cool oils, mac & cheese for Hubby, eggs, and a few other things …

So, with a continuation of Whole30 (which yes, I really am a believer now) … here’s what I have planned for the next few days:

Sunday – Steaks on the grill (freezer) with a side salad and lemon/oil dressing. Will offer up some mashed potatoes (premade in fridge) for the boys

Monday – Sausage and Peppers … sausage from freezer, peppers and onions in fridge

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – ground beef in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and fridge. The boy will be in charge of guac and prep, as usual 😉

Wednesday – leftovers and/or soup and salad. The celery soup is really yummy … but not sure there will be any leftovers come Wednesday!

Thursday & Friday I’m out of town and the Boys will be on their own … they will do just fine, I know 🙂

Saturday – Hubby’s choice but will see if we can’t do something simple …

What are YOU making this week?  Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party for more ideas!

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