Menu Plan Monday Week 148 – Paleo – Using What We Have

Hi Hi … here we are again, Menu and Meal Prep Time! Wheeee!

Yeah, I’m really excited, NOT!  Too much drama in the household this past week AND I went to Orlando for a few days to the Halloween Horror Nights … which, by the way, was scary as all get out! Whew. Glad I made it home intact 😉

The Whole30 has officially ended, even though I did not complete the 30 days … however, I have found out that BEER (!!) does NOT do me good … so I’m skipping that for the most part … glad to have met with LaCroix Sparkling Water and even happier that I’m able to introduce others to that wonderful stuff …. so glad!

Did a quick stop at Aldis after stopping to see my dad at the rehabilitation facility … he’s doing much better speech-wise, his right arm movement is improving but walking and standing is still a major issue. Received a phone call at 12:30am to let me know, yet again, that he had fallen when he tried to go to the bathroom on his own 😦

I am going to start sharing my grocery trips each week … will try to post a few random photos of same but can’t promise to get everything in … As we are heading in to property tax, birthdays and holiday season very soon here, I need to be a tad more mindful of what I buy 😉  First Grocery Cart Sundays is up from Aldis today! I love Aldis …

I had high hopes of getting some meal prep work done earlier in the day on Sunday but ended up just lying around, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and small chores … no prep work was done at all. Oh boy it’s going to be an interesting week then, don’t you think?

Here’s what I’m looking to make this week:

Sunday – Hubby surprised me with a shake from DQ … it’s been like a LONG time since we’ve had DQ and he was by one so he made an executive decision and brought us one home. Uhm, that was so good but my tummy was a little unsettled afterwards ;-(

Monday – Shrimp and Avocado Salad … I’m excited to get to make this again and need to share soon! Whole30 / Paleo approved

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … the usual drill around here!

Skip the tortillas and cheese to keep it Whole30 / Paleo … I do use a packaged taco seasoning mix which totally makes it a no-no for purists

Wednesday – Chicken Lettuce Wraps … I’ve got some ground chicken in the freezer that I want to use up!

This will NOT be Whole30 Approved and borderline Paleo approved

Thursday – General Tso Chicken with Unrolled Egg Roll … and Cauliflower rice IF I’m feeling overly motivated and/or maybe if I have time during the week to prep ahead of time! New recipe that I’m excited to share! Totally Paleo approved and if you eliminate the sugar in the chicken recipe, it’s Whole30 approved!

Friday – looking at Pizza and Wings … I will make a frittata (for Paleo / Whole30 approved) for myself and wings for all

Saturday – Halloween … honestly, I’ve not idea what we are planning to do even though this is my all time FAVORITE holiday!  Between Hubby’s back, family drama and just life, neither one of us are really focused on a party … sad, really, it is!

What are YOU looking to make this week? I’m sharing over at Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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