Menu Plan Monday Week 149 – Whole30 Style Using What We Have

Hi Hi … it’s that time of the week again, my not so favorite time but then again, it isn’t all that bad 😉

Menu Planning and Meal Prepping on Funday Sunday!

So after the past 2 weekends of drinking beer and feeling like crap the next day AND because I’ve not been dealing with some really big stress very well … I’m back on track for Whole30

Third times a charm, right?

Hubby is traveling Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and comes home Thursday night so those first 3 days will be easy (well, really, I started Sunday which was easy enough) and I’ll just have to remind him that the LaCroix is my drink of choice and the protein and veggies is my food of choice too … I just need to stay focused and remember how good I was feeling before I headed off to Halloween Horror Nights …

There was a little food prep on Sunday afternoon: cooked up some chicken breast, made 4 pounds of green beans, prepped some salad stuff and cleaned out the fridge 😉

I spent a LOT of money this past weekend on groceries. Friday night was all about Halloween, friends and fun.  Sunday was supposed to have been a $10 stop, but then I came across tons of marked down meat and of course, I couldn’t pass up some of the stuff!  I did leave a lot behind for others, don’t worry 🙂

Ok, here’s what we got planned for the week:

Sunday – burgers on the grill with sauteed green beans … I wrapped mine butter lettuce leaves and it was pretty tasty … as were the green beans!  The burgers were in the freezer and preformed and I really need the space 😉

Monday – Chicken Lettuce Cups … will have to modify the heck out of my original recipe but I know it will taste yummy! Will use the ground chicken that I picked up on Sunday.Got home way too late (7:30pm) and just heated up a leftover burger from Sunday night and ate a repeat … burger wrapped in lettuce and more green beans. I also had a clementine and raspberries on the side.

*wonder if I could make this and freeze it? If nothing else I will at least need to cook the chicken*

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … the usual drill! Ground beef in the freezer

Wednesday – 4 Way Chili (chili from the freezer) with zucchini noodles

No cheese will be added this week, but will top with some diced avocado instead!

Thursday – beef brisket in the crockpot … Hubby will NOT be happy that I made this since it’s usually the dish he makes but oh well!

Friday – Shallot Chicken … which, really, is Onion Chicken since I use onions instead of shallots 😉 … new recipe that I made last week and Hubby loved it but asked me about 50 times that’s all I really did to make it since it stupid easy! Recipe coming up this week

Saturday – I am going to let Hubby choose and will certainly guide him if necessary 😉

It’s funny as I’m posting this on Monday night but found myself the past 2 mornings wanting to get a head start on cooking for dinner since it was so bright out early in the morning. Of course, when I left the office at 7pm Monday, it was pitch black which I don’t like!!

What are YOU making this week?  Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party for inspiration!

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