Prosecco and Pomegrante Cocktails

*This is a repost from last New Years and well, it’s rather fitting again this year! I currently do not have the Prosecco, but DO have 4 now 6 bottles of Champagne in the freezer fridge (2 Moet, 3 Cuerve and 1 less expensive brand, NOT Korbel!)  Seriously, this is what I will most likely be drinking on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve!  Definitly on New Years Eve since I figured I’m starting another round of Whole30 on Friday and I sure as hell do NOT want to be hungover!  I have 6 bottles of champagne which should be more than adequate for the dinner toastings, the mimosas AND the midnight toast … if necessary and see it on sale, will buy a few more bottles of Processo (if it’s on sale). I DO have the POM so that’s not a problem!

Let’s face it … on a whim, I will sometimes buy things spontaneously, with good intentions … just like when I bought 2 bottles of Prosecco a few months back. By the time I got around to wanting to use them, I couldn’t remember just what the heck I had planned!

This could be why I really need to do the Pantry Challenge and stick with it this January! **2016 is a Whole30 Challenge … lets hope there are a few items in the pantry to be used!!**


So, I had these two bottles of POM I got from Costco (which I justify in saying they were a GREAT deal and a healthy juice option) … the kids have been chugging a little here, a little there, I had a splash with some vodka a few weeks ago … but otherwise, what the heck was the ORIGINAL reason I bought them? I still have one bottle, half full …

It was 82 degrees New Years Eve day with a low of 76 that night 

Ah HAH! Then I remembered …

1 champagne flute (well, rather, however many participates there are, in my case, ONE!)
fill flute 1/3 with POM juice
Fill close to top with the Prosecco
Arils (the seeds from the pomegrante)- totally optional but so wish I had them to do so!

Looking forward to sharing with
some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!
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5 thoughts on “Prosecco and Pomegrante Cocktails

  1. Love Zonin! How is your pantry challenge going? I want to say I commented on a previous post about it, but I can't remember. I've had so much going on. I think I found your blog through Miscellaneous Mom's site. Anyways, I'm a new follower and I'm doing a 'no buy' January; aka, pantry/freezer challenge! So, I was wondering how yours was going. 😀


  2. Thanks for joining The Gathering Spot this week! Have a great evening. 🙂


  3. These look delicious! And they're making me long for warmer weather to enjoy them outside!!!


  4. This is definitely my kind of drink and I'm going to have to make it very soon! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!xoxoLisa @ Fun Money Mom


  5. giggle … better late than never, right? I'm doing the real PC this month as well. Hubby has instituted his No Spend at this time as well, although, he did buy some grout cleaner and stuff to re-paint the front door.


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