Week 157 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Hi hi! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing weekend afterwards?  We did. Well, I seriously considered starting the new round of the Whole30 on Saturday as that past week has had way to much alcohol floating around. I wasn’t hung over on Saturday but dang, just tired and blah. Instead, I made myself a bowl of leftovers: beef tenderloin, green beans and riced cauliflower, all heated up in the skillet with a little ghee … had a cup of coffee and then threw myself on the couch to watch a few movies 😉

We did really good in not killing ourselves financially or mentally on Christmas this year. I’m actually quite proud of ourselves. A lot of things have gone down around here and well, it was just more about everyone coming together and showing our love for one another. It was sunny and hot and the pool cover came off for all (except me) to jump in and play with the pool toys for a bit. That was nice.

Ok … so moving forward. the end of the year is fast approaching, uhm, like, in less than a week … yikes!  As always, I have BIG goals and such that I’d like to see happen but I’m thinking I need to take the same approach to 2016 as we did for Christmas, not kill myself mentally or financially 😉 BUT I (hopefully that will become WE) are doing a Whole30 starting on January 1st. Trust me, I’m so ready for it to start … if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the wine and I swear, I got more likes on that picture than any other … I guess everyone else can relate to the #toomuchwineisneveragoodthing … *Don’t forget to check out the Whole30 Fort Lauderdale blog I’ve got up to document and keep everything nice and easily accessible!

Oh, and yeah, there was SOME grocery shopping this past week … $220 spent at Publix … wish I could figure out just what I bought that cost so much? Oh, yeah, the 2 bottles of bubbly equaled $90 … but still.  Just so you know, I still have champagne left for New Years Eve and then that’s IT!  I didn’t put up a Grocery Cart Sunday post as I can’t remember where my receipt is. If I find it, I’ll share.  Oh, heck, this is the last week too before my new challenge of $300 per month goes in to effect. I honestly don’t see it being a problem for the first month as I have a lot of stuff in the freezers, it’s a Whole30 month AND well, it’s the first month 😉 February, maybe will be ok but from there on out, I’m slightly nervous. I really need to get focused on a food budget and just get serious with it. I need to work a little on the entertaining and holiday aspects where we would go from 3 people to 5, 6, 8, even 10 at one meal.

So … here’s what we are looking at this last week of 2015 … hoping to make it matter!

Sunday – Ham and Macaroni and Cheese with a little garden salad on the side.

MondaySausage and Peppers … I’ve got a lot of onions that need to be used up soon! IF I’m on my game, I will have everything prepped Sunday, if not cooked too!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday! What else? 😉 – don’t tell the Boy but it will most likely be made with turkey this time around!  I will be down to 2 bags of riced cauliflower so I need to start stalking Trader Joes!

Wednesday – totally needs to be a clean out the fridge night since I want a clean fridge come Friday morning!  Worse case scenario would be soup and sandwiches

Thursday – It’s the LAST party for me (thankfully!) for the next 30 days! Woohoo! I’m hoping to be able to throw together a meat and cheese platter with veggies on the side for the guest to make themselves some food before we head to Lauderdale By The Sea to watch the ball drop … of course, I’m looking to serve up some Prosecco and Pomegrante Bubblies


Friday – fingers crossed that I will not be hurting today!  Day 1 of Whole30 and will be making BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … it’s been a while and I have everything on hand so why not!

Saturday – Day 2 of Whole30 – looking at Shallot Chicken with Roasted Broccoli … realize that I need to share the chicken recipe … but honestly, most likely will use onions instead as thats what Hubby prefers!

What are YOU making this week?  I’m looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party … go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Week 157 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. What type of pool cover do you use and does it work well? We moved from Iowa to Central Coast Florida this summer and are bummed that our pool is already too cold to enjoy – even with record heat here this past week – highs in the mid 80's! Thanks.


  2. Yes, it stinks that the weather is in the mid 80's still but the pool is 80 degrees which, being a long time Floridian, that's too cold 😉 The pool cover is just a standard solar pool cover … if you go to a local pool supply store you will most likely see them there … this one is about 5 years old and still in good condition. The key is to make sure you don't leave it in the sun when it's pulled off the pool for the day. FYI, last April the pool was about 76 or so, we put the cover on for 2 weeks and it became scalding hot, 92 degrees! Not there yet but I'm waiting 😉


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