Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Whenever I write or say we are having chicken for dinner, I always feel the need to say “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” … as corny as it is 😉

BUT … I gotta say, sometimes that little line is spot on, you know?

So I thought, heck, let me put together a list of my FAVORITE 10 chicken recipes … afterall, Aldi does have them chicken breast on sale for $1.49 til Tuesday (the 26th) so you better run if you need to stock up (we are on a Pantry / Freezer Challenge and Hubby is doing a stellar job of using what we have, so no stock up for me this time around … it will happen again!).

Here you go:

1.  The Juiciest Chicken Ever … I like to serve with green beans on the side and it’s great as leftovers with a BLT Inspired Salad


2.  Chicken Piccata

3.  Chicken Marsala

4.  That Damn Fine Chicken

5.  Sweet & Sticky Wings

6.  Tuscan Garlic Chicken

7.  Aussie Chicken

8.  Chicken Pizza – Sort Of (this is the latest chicken concoction I’ve made and so ready to make it again!)

9.  Chicken & Veggie Stirfry

and …

10. Chicken Kiev … I really need to make this AGAIN and SOON so I think I’m putting it on the menu this week! Hopefully NEW pictures will be shared (depending on lighting!)

These are in NO particular order, but I do admit, a few have NOT been made in a while and I’m feeling the need to break out the skillets and hop to on the Tuscan Garlic Style, Chicken Kiev and the Aussie Chicken … I think we have everything on hand for all three which is another bonus!

What are some of YOUR favorite Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner recipes? Share in the comment section and hopefully I’ve got what’s needed to give some of your suggestions a try!

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1 thought on “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

  1. We just stocked up on chicken because of that sale too! All of these recipes look great! Thanks for sharing! #SmallVictories


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