Week 162 Menu Plan – Paleo Style and Using What We Have

Hey, hey! How is it possibly February 1st ALREADY!! One month already down and I’ve still got so much I wanted to accomplish in January! I just hate rolling things over in to a nice clean, new month! 

Did you all notice that I didn’t share the menu last week? I had it all ready to go but just got wrapped up in a bunch of other stuff and it was Wednesday before I could get around to sharing … at that point, it was too late (in my mind!) to do so 😉 But look … this week I’m all about sharing again!

Last week kept me out of the stores … Sunday through Saturday, not once did I step foot in any store! Score for me! Can I just tell you how much money you save if you do that? Of course, you need to make sure you have food to eat as it’s not fun to save money if you are starving in the process BUT Hubby has been really dedicated and committed to using what we have in house to eat to clear out some of the excess stuff we have.  We’ve had a few not so great things and a few really spectacular things too … he tries to follow along with the menu plan and will ask me daily what is planned so he can make it. He’s doing good and I think enjoying it too!  I do miss cooking but then I’m sort of liking the freedom too 😉

This week, I dug out the whiteboard again and wrote out the suggestions for the week. I didn’t put days down, just the main dish suggestion and will let him go from there … I have, of course, put the days I’d like to eat that main dish below 😉

Here’s what we are looking at having this week:

Sunday – burgers on the grill … as I’m typing this, I realize we don’t have any fries left in the freezer but I do think I have some red potatoes so I’ll make some tater wedges

Monday – Shallot Chicken Thighs (still need to share this recipe!) – goal was to make this on Sunday for a couple of leftovers for lunches but … you know how that works out. Roasted broccoli alongside

*Sorry for the raw chicken picture*

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday, of course! I’ve still got avocados in the fridge and need to remember to set one out to get softer! Most likely will need to shred the cheese from a brick AND fingers crossed to make some riced cauliflower with the last head I have in the guest fridge!  Will need to enlist my sous chef who also works at a tex-mex joint by day

Wednesday – would like to do an Chinese take out night with General Tso Chicken and I have a bag of veggie fried rice (Trader Joe’s) in the freezer to use .. 

Thursday – Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches! I will have BLT Lettuce Cups and offer up to Hubby if he’d like instead of sandwiches

Friday – Shrimp and Rice in the pressure cooker … new recipe and Hubby is digging the Instant Pot!  This is supposed to be a girls night out so I’m not sure if this will happen Friday or Saturday 

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … may be the shrimp & rice dish or something else … 

What are YOU making this week? In a rut? Check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party for tons of other menu plans … 

forward to sharing with some of these 
GREAT Parties … go check them out!
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