Menu Plan Week 165 – Paleo Style – Using What We Have

Hey hey! It’s that time of the week again!! Time to menu plan and meal prep!

We finally hit the send button and are officially on For Sale By Owner website and we set up a new blog just for the house … Hubby’s pretty excited as I am … and well, now it’s time to get serious around here! I’ve been wrapping barware up all week, tossing stuff in boxes for Goodwill and pawning stuff off on to my friends … poor things!  I’m going back and forth: keep the meat slicer or donate? I haven’t used it in a while, several years, it’s older and well, that just might make someone’s day walking down the kitchen aisle at Goodwill, so off it goes. Meat Grinder? Waiting on Hubby’s thoughts (he’ll say keep, I say, we got a Vitamix AND food processor! Sewing machine? Keeping for now.

I knew the living room was huge, but this picture makes it look ginormous!

The Pantry/Freezer Challenge is coming along, STILL.  I’ve got ROOM, so much ROOM in the 3 freezers right now, like, whoa nelly! But it needs to be done as we can’t move 3 freezers worth of food to one freezer when the time comes, you know, so I’m all for eating it all down.  The pantry is not showing as much improvement, sadly. I need to tell Hubby to start focusing on that more as well since he’s doing such a good job on the freezers!

I only had one stop at the grocery store this week, Trader Joe’s for coffee pods, tomatoes, a bottle of wine (yes, $4.99 and I like it!) and spent $15 total.  Hubby stopped at Publix Friday and spent $30 … I will be hitting up Aldi today as there are a few things we need (eggs, veggies, marinara sauce) but it will be a small trip as well. *Of course, I ran to Target for my dad and found marked down burgers and beef and then Aldi had marked down chicken and beef … so, of course, I did stock up a little! I’ll share that shop later this week*

Meal prep will consist of making a batch of mayo and aimed to make tuna salad (pantry item!), aimed to boil eggs, make a few new dishes (one in the Instant Pot and one in the oven)  grilled up 8 burgers and 6 chicken breast for lunches and dinners this week.  I also sauteed 2 pounds of green beans and 2 bags of riced cauliflower and then packaged up! Score! I had a few other things I wanted to get done, but, heck, we ran to Goodwill to make a drop off, the storage unit to drop off and then a short drive to scope out a few houses …

Here’s what we are looking at for the week ahead:

Sunday – leftover Italian from Saturday night out.

Monday – Grain Free Pizza Bowls … this is a new recipe that I’m pretty excited about!

Tuesday – Burgers and fries … both are already cooked, just need to be reheated as we have a 6pm viewing for a house we are looking at …

Wednesday – chicken and riced cauliflower with roasted broccoli. Most like chicken thighs, Shallot Chicken … the recipe is coming soon, I promise! I just need to get good daylight pictures! Will reheat some “rice” from Sunday’s prep and the broccoli can cook with the chicken in the oven

Thursday – Crockpot Day … I picked up 2 smallish pot roast from Target (for about $2 a piece!) so I’m going to use the London Broil technique … will need to convince Hubby to make the few potatoes left in the house into smashed taters 😉

Friday – Hubby and I are out to go see a band that we love … I’m looking at Deli Roll Ups with Dump Ranch (Hubby can have a sandwich if he prefers)

Saturday – Date night and the count down has begun on how many more great meals we can make in this kitchen …. ahhhh … I’m getting a little apprehensive! Hubby’s choice!

The Boy will be disappointed to not see a Taco Tuesday this week 😉 but he will get over it!

Looking forward to sharing over at Organized Junkies Menu Plan Monday Party … go check it out!

forward to sharing with some of these 
GREAT Parties … and of course, Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday … go check them out!
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