Menu Plan Week 167 – Paleo Style and Using What We Have

Hey, hey … it’s that time of the week again. Time to menu plan and meal prep!

I did plan a menu last week … but didn’t do any kind of meal prepping or get around to sharing the menu … things just got away from me 😉 Between putting the house up for sale, decluttering, packing excess stuff, my new side hustle, regular work and then just life in general, things really have to take a priority around here!

Grocery shopping was pretty minimal this past week. Hubby and I did stop at the store after our usual Sunday afternoon target drive (looking for our next home) and I had a $5 off $50 Albertson’s coupon to use at Publix. My bill came to $58 and guess what, THAT particular store does not take those coupons. WTF?? So, needless to say, I spent $58 today at the grocery store … and all I have to show for it is Kcups, milk, big container of baby greens salad, strawberries, bananas, 3 12 pks coke (Hubby just won’t give up), a 12 pk of lime LaCroix (for me!), organic vanilla bean ice cream (cheaper than all the other ice creams!) and garbage bags. A little sad, isn’t it?

I did do some meal prepping this afternoon while I made dinner. I roasted 4 heads of broccoli, grilled up 2 pounds of asparagus while cooking the chicken and smoked Gouda sausages.  The proteins came from the freezer and the veggies have been sitting in the guest fridge … the chicken I’m not overly impressed with and it’s Tyson’s that I picked up at Target a while ago for pretty cheap with the Cartwheel app, coupon and sale. Hopefully I only have one more bag of that chicken!

So, enough … here’s what we are planning for the week ahead;

Sunday – Smoked Gouda Sausages and Simple Asparagus. My asparagus technique will be shared this week. Hubby ate his sausage on regular squishy white bread while I had mine cut up with veggies. It was super spicy so not sure what that was all about!

Monday – BLT Boats (sandwiches for Hubby/Boy if they prefer). Bacon is in the freezer and rest of ingredients in fridge and pantry. Would like to make a batch of mayo in the morning if I have time before work!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday – we skipped out last week on Taco Tuesday and made yummy burgers instead 😉  Ground beef (from my Target & Aldi score a few weeks ago) in freezer, rest of ingredients in pantry and fridge (including a packet of wholly quac!)

Wednesday – Shallot Chicken … honestly, this recipe is coming in the near future! I will serve it with some roasted broccoli and/or asparagus … whatever is leftover from Sunday … chicken thighs are in the freezer

Thursday – Burgers on the grill … I don’t believe I have any potatoes to make fries with either so not sure WHAT we will serve along side? Hubby may need to pick some up when he buys the buns! Burgers are pre-patted and are from my score at Target a few weeks ago.

Friday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … been a little while since we’ve made this and I’m actually a little excited! Chicken in the freezer (hoping no more Tyson’s and I can dig into my Aldi score from a few weeks ago!) as is the bacon. Rest of ingredients in pantry and fridge.

*Yup, bacon two times this week!*

Saturday – Hubby’s choice or out …

What are YOU planning for the week ahead?  Hop over to Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday’s to see what a lot of other bloggers are making!

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