Corn on the Grill

I love corn … and when Florida Sweet Corn is in season, I’m all over it!

Only problem is that me and Hubby disagree on how to cook it.

He prefers to boil the crap out of it.

I prefer to gently steam it.

And yes, we’ve done it on the grill, husk intact a few times. I’m not allowed to do that anymore since it makes such a huge mess of the grill and surrounding areas (you do know that Hubby is a super neat freak, right??).

This latest way though is BY FAR the best way to make your corn.

And easy!

So very easy!

As in, peel corn, place in middle of large tinfoil, melt butter, pour over top, close up foil tightly, place on indirect heat of grill and ignore for about 20 minutes or so.


You got perfectly cooked, sweet corn!

I’m not even going to give a “recipe” on this … it’s just too simple.   I will tell you to melt a stick of butter and season it up (I used salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and some parsley) ….

And to make sure that you use GOOD foil (I buy the 2 pack of Heavy Duty Reynolds Foil from Costco for a pretty decent price and they last forever as they are Costco size)

Use 2 to 3 large sheets and always, always, overestimate the size you need. You want to be sure you can seal it up tightly and not have any openings for the steam and butter to escape … that will make for very sad corn.

And be extra careful when you remove the packet from the grill so you a) don’t drop it; b) don’t rip the foil and c) don’t burn yourself.


Make sure you have a cookie sheet nearby to pull the foil pack off the grill with.

Let the pack sit for about 5 minutes or so and then carefully open the foil, there will be a LOT of steam coming out and well, steam burns are the very worst!

Roll the corn around the bottom a little bit and serve up … Enjoy!

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