Crock Pot BBQ Chicken Legs

*I had these on my list of things to cook while visiting family but it just never happened…glad I didn’t even buy the legs as I hate when I overbuy on the food when we visit! I ended up making these when we got back home since I had a package of legs in the freezer still!

I wanted to type Golden Brown Legs in the Crockpot but figured that might freak some people out. Better than Golden Brown Thighs in the Crockpot, don’t you think?

Ok. Nevermind. Most folks know I’ve got an extremely odd sense of humor.


So. This recipe came about for a few reasons:

1.  Hubby had bought a few packages of bone in chicken thighs AND legs a while ago. I am NOT a fan of legs, drumsticks, whatever you want to call them things.

2.  The bag of legs in the freezer have been getting in my way because we are getting low on protein products in the freezer and they seem to be just about the ONLY thing left in there!

3.  Whole Foods had their chicken legs on sale for 99 cents per pound. Being that I really like Whole Foods chicken (the air chilled or whatever it’s called) and this IS a great price for said yard birds, I was all over it figuring this recipe looked good … (update, I opted to forgo the Whole Foods sale as I know that I would walk out with way more than just legs … instead, I decided to hit up Aldis for 69 cents per pound) (SECOND update: I failed at that as well, but it’s ok, legs go on sale fairly often!)

Which is HOW this recipe came about!

Original recipe comes from The Frugal Girls … who have quite a few crockpot recipes to check out!

3 to 4 pounds of chicken legs. Not quarters. LEGS. DRUMSTICKS.
1 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce. Preferable something sweeter
1 pkg of dry powdered ranch mix. I pick mine up at Aldis
Salt and pepper to season
fresh parsley, just because (I completely forgot to make my plate pretty!)


Rinse those legs off. Pat them dry. Lay them neatly in the crockpot. Don’t just toss them in there as you know one or two will try to Get a Leg Up (bonus point for those who know that song before clicking the link!)

All nice and contained, well behaved!

Sprinkle with salt and pepper and put the lid on.

Set to 3 hours on high OR 6 hours on low. Ok, tell me, I already know. Yes, the settings are  4 and 6 on high and 8 and 10 on low. Set your internal timer for 3 hours or 6 hours, ok?

Cooked Pale Legs


After 3 hours (or 6) are up, remove them legs and drain the chicken fat (NOT down the drain!! No! Don’t do that!) and put chicken back in the crock.

Mix up the bbq sauce and ranch powder mix and pour over the top of them legs. If you really feel the need to, give them legs a little flip and get that saucy sauce on both sides! Personally, I would!  Put the lid back on and cook on high for 30 minutes (or low for one hour). After the time is up, remove the pretty legs from the crockpot and serve up


To make this a little more appealing to ME, I went one step further and turned on my broiler to high, lined a baking sheet with parchment paper, tossed the legs on there, neatly, of course, and broiled them for about 5 minutes to make them a little more crispy and gooey. I flipped them midway and basted a little more with a little more sauce.  I highly recommend you do this!

Yes. I recommend you do it THIS way BUT it’s not necessary!


Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!
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  2. Thanks so much for linking up with Full Plate Thursday! We will have an early Thanksgiving Edition on 11-22 -16, hope to see you there!Wishing you a bountiful Thanksgiving!Miz Helen


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