Passive Savings Plan

I figured with the new year starting, I’d share some of my Passive Savings Plans … it’s not rocket science, trust me, BUT I do have a hard time saving money, intentionally and then leaving it alone.  These 4 things work for me and I hope you are able to find something that works for YOU!

Yes, they are all referral links and I will receive a small compensation IF you opt to sign up through one of these programs.  If you prefer not to go through my link, simply google the name of the program and click directly through 😉

Are ANY of you setting goals for the new year? I’m on the fence. I do it every year and then before you know it, it’s already August and you are like WTF? The year is more than half over with no hope of achieving some of those goals now!

Digit.  Digit
is a cool little program that sweeps a few pennies to a few dollars per day
from your bank account. You will need text messaging for this as they send you
a daily text message with your account balances for the bank and their
  Once you want to withdraw funds
simply send a text message and within 48 hours, those funds will be in your bank
account again.
  I like to use this
STRICTLY for debt paydown.
  I save until
I hit $100 and then sweep it and add it to my lowest balance credit card. It’s
like an extra payment in my mind as that is added on top of my usual monthly
  You have the option to “save
more” or “save less” by telling the program to do so.
  I’ve been using this program since 2013 and
have NOT had any issues. *Note, really, had I been smarter in my spending I’d have paid off TWO credit cards and then some already! $3,485??


Total Savings Since Joining Digit
Total Savings Transfers
Average Savings Transfer
Average Days Between Transfers
Total Digit Savings Bonuses

CapitalOne 360.  This is another online
account that I use. I actually have 2 3 set up. One is long term savings and one
is short term.
  You sign up on line with
this link (yes it’s a referral link), tell it how much to take and how
  For extremely painless savings,
just start with $5 or $10 a week.
  I’m up
to $100 a week now which is sort of neat and I think I’m going to increase it
another $10 per week.
  I use this for our
property taxes, insurances, etc. All those things that come around every 4, 6
or 12 months.
  Interest paid is a little
better than your local bank is. Funds are generally held for 24 hours and
released back upon request within 24 hours. I also make it a point to deposit any large bonus checks I get (my Christmas bonus was rather substantial this year and 80% of it went straight to my long term program). Again, been using this for years
and have had NO issues.
  I just recently
set up another
Capital One 360
checking account for groceries to try and keep my grocery shopping in check for
the new year! FYI – there is a sign up bonus of $25 going on right now, read the fine print!

Swagbucks.  Ok, this is not necessarily a “savings plan”
BUT I love it.
  I’ve swapped out my home
page to be and use it for all my searches, even coming to my blog
  500 points will give you a $5
amazon gift card.
  Also, you can use Swagbucks to shop,
simply type in Amazon, Best Buy, Target or Macy’s or any other number of stores
and click on the link that’s provided to earn points on your purchase (1
Swagbuck for each
dollar spent is the norm) … in my opinion, it’s a no brainer!
  I use my Swagbucks for Amazon
just about 100% … those gift cards add up quickly when you use activate the
shopping feature. I order my office supplies this way, any online ordering is
done through a
  It takes a few weeks to get the
points to your account and then only a few days to request a gift card
  *If you are more in the actual
cash factor, you can also redeem for Paypal. I’m not a huge Paypal user so I
don’t use that option.

Just say no. I also have the mentality that all
I have to do is say NO.
  Of course, that
does not apply to Honeycrisp Apples, Aldi, Trader Joes, but for the most part,
I can walk away.
  Either that or just
know that I can’t arbitrarily walk in to Target for ONE thing for $5 … it’ just
doesn’t work that way for me!

forward to sharing with some of these 
 … go check them out!

post may contain affiliate links … 
here to read my disclosure

3 thoughts on “Passive Savings Plan

  1. These are great plans. I need to get back into swagbucks! Thanks for sharing on Weekend Bites.


  2. Swagbucks is GREAT! I do all my online searches through their site and if I'm buying something online, I use the homepage as well since you can earn 1 point, minimum, per dollar spent 😉


  3. Bing Rewards is great too. They also have Amazon gift cards among others. I very rarely can't find what I'm searching for (Google isn't perfect in this regards either), and there are many other ways to get points by doing themed quizzes (3-5 questions) and clicking on links in the Rewards newsletter they send once a week at most. You should give it a try.


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