DIY Spot Remover

This stuff kicks butt for removing ALL KINDS OF STAINS!   And being that I’m a Dawn dish soap kind of girl, it’s perfect!

I hate buying stain remover … that little bottle of Shout that you could never get the last bit out of (the little straw thing was about 1/4 inch too short in the bottle costs me around $3 to $4 back in the day. I just hated using that stuff, not to mention, honestly, I don’t think that stuff worked all that well if you didn’t spot it immediately …

So today’s little tip will make you very excited if you think like me …

If you have white t-shirts or them damn dress shirts that hubby used to wear to work every day that are starting to get that dingy armpit ring (and collars too!) go grab them R I G H T now!!!

I promise you, it works and I am amazed every time I use it!  Original idea came from One Good Thing By Jillee (gosh I HOPE you’ve visited her site before, she’s a wealth of information!)

Here’s how I did it:

In a one cup glass measuring cup pour:

1/4 cup Dawn dish soap
fill to 3/4 mark with Hydrogen Peroxide
add a generous tablespoon of baking soda (not necessary but it makes me feel better adding it!)

Mix all well. To apply, use a scrubby brush: dip the brush in the mixture and then apply to armpit (or other stains, this removed a hot sauce blob from my favorite white t-shirt!), gently scrub to make sure everything is covered.

I generally do this an hour or more before washing. When you toss the treated clothes in washer, be aware that the baking soda may have dried a bit and can go flying across the room, causing you to think that NOW you need to clean the laundry room … oh wait, that’s not a normal reaction for YOU? 🙂 More power to you!

Wash, dry and be prepared to be amazed when you go to fold those clothes! I still can’t believe it works so well! Who would have thought??

NOTE: This stuff kicks butt … it removed old blood stains from a pillow case, removes mustard stains from a tshirt and so many other things! I live by this stuff now!  I’ve been told that hydrogen peroxide can act as a whitening agent but have not had any problems with it fading anything as of yet … just a heads up!

EXTRA NOTE AND UPDATE:  I just premix this stuff in the bottle now and squirt a little on the spot that needs to be treated.  Yes, it turns clear (the blue of the dawn goes away) but it remains just as effective! I’ve also eliminated the baking soda and it’s works great!

*I’m laughing as I just had a friend’s husband send me a text for the recipe of “that stuff you used to clean Kathy’s ketchup off her top”. We had some friends over a few weeks ago and the ketchup exploded … I was like, here, no worries … gave her a top to put on and I applied this stuff to the ketchup and she said it washed clean! 😉 It is indeed a good thing!

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

*This post may contain affiliate links … click here to read my disclosure 🙂

6 thoughts on “DIY Spot Remover

  1. Thanks for the info, pinned. I found you on the coffee and conversation link party! Love your voice in your post!


  2. This is great. I always need a stain remover that actually works. Thanks for sharing at the Wednesday Showcase party. Pinned!


  3. Right? I hate when you buy something and it doesn't work … THIS works!


  4. I'm going to try this! I much prefer homemade cleaners, but haven't yet ventured into homemade spot/stain removal. Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. I must try this. I`m a pretty much clumsy kind of girls, so I get lots of stains even on my cloths 🙂


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