Perfect Eggs in a Rice Cooker

What if I told you my number one post to this day is the Rice Cooker – Hard Boiled Eggs?

It is. That and the Cuban Mop post … odd. And hey, don’t judge me on those photos of the mop … it was WAY back in the beginning of time, like October, 2010. I keep meaning to do a new post on the mop with a video to really show how easy it is!

Anyways. With Easter coming up soon, I figured I’d share how I prefer to make my hard boiled eggs … here you go!

One of the things I picked up at Costco was a new Rice Cooker. The one I have, well, I gave that to the Boy when he went away to college (so he could make his macaroni and cheese), not to mention, it was small as heck, like mini size!

So, I figured, you know, Hubby likes to make rice occasionally. The Boy makes brown rice in the microwave every other day and leaves the bubbly residue behind for ME to find when I go to heat something up (I hate a dirty microwave, totally wigs me out and sends me running for the windex!) … so I grabbed the rice cooker ($29.95), a 10 pound bag of organic brown rice and a 20 pound bag of Basmati rice. I’m asking myself now, a whole week later, what the hell am I going to do with 20 pounds of Basmati rice? Anyways.

Then I was reading the recipe booklet that came along with the cooker. They had one recipe that said to add the eggs, unshelled, to the steamer basket.  Ok. That made me re-read it a few times. Unshelled? Did they mean out of the shell? Un Shell. I would think that’s what they meant. But then the egg will run through the little holes so surely, they meant with the shell on, or intact? 

And here’s where the brain starts to wind up. 

Hey! I wonder if you can hard boil eggs using the steamer??

Guess what?

You CAN!

Woohoo. They were perfect! Absolutely, perfect. Honest!

I eat a lot of eggs and try to keep some hard boiled ones on hand for salads and a quick snack … but I hate boiling the big pot of water as it makes it really steamy in the kitchen … and living in South Florida, we have plenty of humidity already, thank you very much …

You know that I’ve tried baking them in the muffin tins and that had mixed opinions (the brown specks freaked everyone out).

And of course, I’ve done the bring to boil, put a lid on it and let them sit for 10 minutes. Even Hubby is trained now for that.

BUT what if you could simply add 2 cups water to the rice maker, put 6 to 12 eggs in the steamer basket. Close the lid and set it to 15 minutes and just leave the room and do whatever (in my case, shower) … come back, remove the eggs and put in ice water … and have PERFECT eggs?

Um, sign me up!

Seriously. No waiting for the water to boil.

No steam bath in the kitchen.

Minimal clean up … Easy easy easy. No fuss what so ever! 

Got a rice cooker?? Go ahead and give this a shot … I’m telling you, there is no other way from here on out!

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1 thought on “Perfect Eggs in a Rice Cooker

  1. Your eggs look perfect! We usually do the boiled water, and it is hit or miss for sure. I will have to give this a try! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle! Pinned.


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