Mango Margaritas!

It’s time for ANOTHER REPOST!


Can we talk about Margaritas, just for one second?

They are soooooo universal … you name it, you can make a margarita out of it!  I’ve got the Classic, the Frozen Strawberry, the Fresh Fruit, the Kickin Grapefruit, the Blood Orange and of course, THE MANGO MARGARITA …

Here’s the post from a few years ago …

I so wanted to get this post up BEFORE Cinco de Mayo but with the phone hitting the wall, seriously, I couldn’t figure out a way to bypass the damn Google  2 step verification process (how on earth did I ever agree to THAT!!!???) to log in to the main computer and upload the pics …

Oh well. I’m still sharing because it’s just worth it.

The original recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman and I happened to catch her on Food TV last weekend. Raise your hand IF you like to watch that show? Me? Not so much, no offense Ree. It’s just not the same as reading the website she has, you know? But I’m glad so many more people have been exposed to her!!!

So anyways. This was my Sunday, feeling sorry for myself, OMG I’m going to be 50 tomorrow, it’s so freakin hot and I just want to be left alone drink.

Yes, I had a moment or two on Sunday, why do you ask? Between the fact that I couldn’t wash dishes in the main kitchen, run the dishwasher and mother nature still knocks on my door (I’m FIFTY for crying out loud! It’s time to move on lady!), I felt this was a perfect time to make a Costco run and definitely pick up a tray of fresh cut mangoes for $7.99

I didn’t need to buy the booze because last time I looked, I had 5 bottles of various tequilas (7 now, after my birthday!). I even donated a cup of the woodiest tasting stuff to some Tequila Lime Chicken (recipe coming soon, promise!) and am now actively looking for NEW uses for Tequila …

Ok, Ok. Let’s get down to it!

1 cup of fresh mango, cut up. Yes, you can used the jarred stuff, just rinse all the syrupy stuff off
3/4 cup tequila
3/4 cup triple sec (I cringe, but it works)
1 lime
1 tsp sugar

Take your lime and wash well. Zest that bad boy right on to a plate.  Add the 1 tbs sugar to the zest and mix up a little. This will be used for the rim of your glass.

Toss the ice in your blender. Add the mango. Add the tequila and the triple sec.

Cut the line in half and rub one around the edge of your glass(es).  Then squeeze the lime to death with the blender ingredients.

Put the lid on blender and let it rip.

Take your glass and dip it in the sugar/zest plate til lightly rimmed.

I used too much ice (I think) and mine was super super thick. I had to scoop mine into my glass. Be careful to not overfill as once it starts to liquefy a bit, you will have a mess (how do I know this??)

Garnish with a slice of lime and an umbrella (I forgot to use one!) and enjoy.

Now … the original recipe calls for sugar.  I’m not an overly sweet girl so I skipped that. The sugared rim was perfect for me. You might want to add a touch of sugar to yours if you like sweet sweet stuff.

As always, drink responsibly. I floated in the pool, laid in the lounge chair and read a whole book drinking 3 of these on Sunday. The leftovers went into ice cube trays in the freezer for a date with the Vitamix down the road … cool, huh? 🙂

They won’t freeze solid but just slightly firm as there is booze involved …

I’m looking forward to visiting the freezer for these soon!
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