Classic Margaritas

Psst … today’s the DAY!!! It’s Cinco De Mayo (and yeah, I know, history states, clearly, that this is NOT a day to really celebrate but … still! It’s also my birthday!)

I love margaritas. Yes, I know, I also love the Peach Vodka things … but a classic margarita is really hard to beat!  And when one of my girlfriends showed up with a bottle of Patron, I knew we had to make these.

Old picutre and do not have any of these bottles, except the skull dude

I mean, it’s not like I was WAITING for a bottle of Patron to show up on the doorstep … I’ve got a pretty good selection of tequila already …

Let’s make one thing clear, right off the top. Use good quality tequila! Skip right on past the bottle of Jose … and take my advice and skip past the ones that aren’t clear … the darker the tequila, the more “woodier” it will taste and just not meant for a margarita … I have eight bottles of tequila right now … and only a few limes which means I should have hit up Costco to buy the big bag worth for a couple of dollars (instead of 3 for $1) … *the limes I do have came from Aldis and were like 99 cents a bag, which has about 6 in there or so. Not the very best but they were adequate.

She’s such a witch cat but when you get a couple people hanging around the bar, she hops right up and gets in the middle of stuff (ignore that bottle of Smirnoff Pineapple … it’s out of here!)
and NO, she’s not allowed on the kitchen cabinets or dining room table ::shudder::

I do like margaritas made with some premixes … primarily the Kirkland brand Golden Margarita Mix … but I’ll be honest, the sweet and sour mix can sometimes hit my stomach a little hard and Hubby is a good guy to put out the heartburn medicine if he sees more than two going down the hatch … I think it’s got a lot to do with the sour mix and the triple sec stuff … ick.

So, how about it … let’s make TWO lovely Classic Margaritas …

4 oz lime juice (2 to 3 good limes should do the trick)
3 oz good tequila
1 1/2 oz Cointreau
1/2 oz simple syrup (more or less depending on taste)

Additional items:
Lime wedges
coarse salt (for rim of glass)

Tip #1 (or 20?): If you aren’t looking to be fancy while making this, grab yourself a glass measuring glass and measure everything in the glass. Seriously, using the jigger/shot glass method can get tedious and messy after a few rounds 😉

Go ahead, measure out all your ingredients and pour into a shaker filled with ice. Cap the shaker and shake it like you mean it!

Tip #2 … get yourself some cute napkins like so …

If desired, rub the rim of a glass (I prefer wine glasses due to the spill factor) with a lime and lightly dip in the salt. I personally do NOT like a lot of salt but go heavy if that’s the way you roll …

Gently add some ice to the glass, keep in mind that the salt will fall off little as you do so 😉

Strain the shaken margarita over the ice, squeeze a lime wedge over the top and drop it in. Add a straw, sip, smile and do a little (discreet) happy dance.


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*I do ask that you drink responsibly and please, do not drink and drive. Call UBER or Lyft!

5 thoughts on “Classic Margaritas

  1. Looks like your sweet cat liked those margaritas too! thank you for bringing to FF this week!


  2. Yum, yum! We made margaritas as well on Friday!


  3. You'll never go back to a mix after having a from scratch margarita! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!


  4. 🙂 Every Friday is a good night for Margaritas!


  5. Right? I still buy the mix just to have on hand for a quick one but for the most part I'm all about scratch mix!


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