Menu Plan – No Spend Week

So here we are, day 4 6 of the NO SPEND WEEK (I instituted this on FRIDAY!) and so far … so good 😉  I keep looking at that last shopping post and I’m like, REALLY? The money that was spent won’t even give me a full weeks worth of meals!

$80. 3 bags


So, here’s what I’ve got going on and what’s planned:

Saturday – Linguini Spaghetti and White Clam Sauce with some grilled ciabatta bread.  We didn’t have any linguini, only spaghetti so we made do. Clam stuff in a can from pantry that I bought a year ago … and the ciabatta bread was in the freezer as well (Costco – I just take out what I need and keep the rest frozen). I even had a nice bottle of Santa Margherita wine from a month or so ago).

Sunday – Chinese Fake Out … Nope. Didn’t happen. 5 hours floating in the pool and we ended up eating Nachos (chips, cheese, salsa and sour cream, nothing fancy at all!) Yup, excellent choice for dinner, don’t you think? These were NOT meal worthy as they had NO meat ;-(

Monday – PIZZA! Why not? Originally planned this for Friday but we were lazy and ate leftovers that night. Pizza crust from Trader Joe’s, pepperoni has been in fridge for a while (Trader Joe’s) and all the cheese from Walmart (trip from a month or so ago) oh … and the sauce, my overstocking from prior Trader Joe’s trips. Turned out pretty good! FYI – the Boy and his Girl made pizza in the cast iron skillet on Friday night … I had the Girl document it with pics and can’t wait to share … it was delicious and fun to watch them!

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday! Used the ground chicken like we did a few weeks ago as that was by far, the BEST taco meat! Ground chicken from the freezer, tortilla shells from the pantry (Walmart, weeks ago), shredded cheese from fridge (Walmart), shredded lettuce (iffy looking? Costco, weeks ago), salsa and guac (avocado) from Costco.  I actually made mine a taco bowl with riced cauliflower as the base (freezer), then meat, then salsa, then avocado AND then a little cheese.

Wednesday – Survivor Night … this season has got to be coming to an end! It’s actually the season finale. Hubby grilled up some chicken tenders (from freezer) and the Boy picked up a pineapple (his shopping trip, not mine!) so that’s what we are having to snack on while we cheer and jeer!  I’ll toss together a quick Honey Mustard Dressing for dipping as well.

Thursday – I have a bag of shrimp defrosting in fridge AND a small bag of leftover smoked pork that I pulled from freezer. Not sure which way to go … shrimp or pork … maybe we can make both or just a small buffet like meal?

Friday – I will probably hit the store for a few things tonight on my way home from work for the long weekend. I want to make a yummy beer cheese to go with some burgers and I don’t have all the ingredients for that. It would be good to just stop at Aldi on the way home, ideally. We’ll see … I will also throw together a little black bean and corn salad to go along since I have the beans and corn in the pantry and it is the OFFICIAL start of BBQ Season!

What are YOU eating this week?  And how about that food budget?

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