Grocery Shopping This Past Week

I made it! I managed to stay out of the grocery stores for a WHOLE week. Woohoo!

Yeah. It’s not a big deal but the fact that I opted to do a No Spend Week without any prior thought is sort of a huge deal … meaning I didn’t go out and “prepare” for the week ahead!

And we survived!

Here’s how I broke that spending fast!

I didn’t buy this many LaCroix cases this week as they were 
NOT on sale buy one get one free!

Publix – May 26th, 2017
Total Spent – $70.95

sliced pepper jack cheese $3.50
sliced sharp cheddar cheese $3.50
sliced white cheddar cheese $3.50
2 20 bags of ice $4.19 each
12 pk Corona Light $13.99
8 pk LaCroix Blueberry/Cucumber $4.39
12 pk LaCroix Passionfruit $4.00
2 containers strawberries $2.00 each
bag of red grapes $4.58
1/4 watermelon $3.17 (this, after I shared the Deconstructing a Watermelon … long story!)
bananas $1.90
container fresh salsa $2.50
loaf of italian bread $2.99
loaf of potato bread $3.49

Aldi – May 26th, 2017
Total Spent – $4x.xx (can’t find my receipt so need to go dig around my shopping bags) I had my sister in law in tow with me so it was not a “focused” shopping trip (update, no luck at all in finding that receipt!)

2 heads of iceberg lettuce
2 heads of living lettuce
large ass bottle of wine (sister in law grabbed)
3 dozen eggs 99 cents each
2 cartons heavy whipping cream $1.89 each
bag of red onions
2 blocks cheddar cheese
2 blocks swiss cheese
bottle of onion powder
bag of cilantro
3 seedless cucumbers
2 pkgs of green beans, because, you know, my life is not complete without these!
And a few other things …

Publix – May 27th, 2017
Total Spent – $127.40. Again, sister in law was with me …

12 pk diet coke $5.49
12 pk coke $5.49
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea $2.00
Pure Leaf Sweet Tea $2.00
2 pkgs paper plates $3.39 (they were buy one get one free)
4 bottles of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee $9.99 each less $20 as they were buy one get one free as well (this stuff is da bomb but pricey and kind of reminds me of my rant last week)
12 pk LaCroix Berry $4.00
4 pkgs of bacon $9.19 each less 2 as they were buy one get one free
2 bottles of italian dressing $1.99 each
bag of red grapes $4.22
2 containers peeled and cored pineapple $4.99 each
2 cartons coconut water $3.50 each
garlic powder $2.29
box of fish fry batter $2.99
2 pkgs of napkins $2.35 (buy one get one free)
box spaghetti and bow ties $1.59 (buy one get one free)
2 cans of beans $2.49 (buy one get one free)
2 bottles of bbq sauce $2.39 (buy one get one free)
2 boxes of tissues $1.00 each
7 ears of corn $2.10
2 pkgs onion rolls $2.50 each
1 pkg potato rolls $2.50
1 pkg hot dog buns $2.50
1 small coconut water (sister in law) 1.69

Hubby then went to Smitty’s and picked up his favorite hot dogs, then Publix for some brats and sauerkraut and MORE buns … I believe he spent around $30 … 

Crazy. I should go through and put an asterisk next to everything that was NOT on my list and see how much that would have been.

So guess what’s coming up THIS week? Another NO SPEND WEEK which means I’m staying out of the grocery store until at least Monday, June 5th!  We have PLENTY of food at this moment to last us until then and beyond!

forward to sharing with some of these 
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